SHU Hosts Education Delegation from China

Professor Mike Giarratano, top right,
led the talk during the visit

Professor Mike Giarratano, top right, led the talk during the visit

News Story: February 1, 2012

Sacred Heart University welcomed 21 administrators and teachers from the Northeast Normal University in the Jilin Province, P.R., China, on Wednesday, February 1. The University hosted the delegates as part of an 11-day trip to Connecticut as they explored the elementary, high school and university curriculums used throughout the state. Their visit to Sacred Heart focused on the curriculum design in the American high school. 
Professor Michael Giarratano, a teacher of 44 years, led the talk, presenting the fundamentals of both the local and national education system.
Giarratano presented an overview of the number of hours and days a student is in school in the state of Connecticut, as well as required exams and motivation inside the classroom.
Daniel W. Gregg, director of International Programs for the Connecticut Association of Schools, led the delegation. Throughout the week, the high school administrators were introduced to various ideas such as new trends and reforms in American education, the use of technology in American high schools and the impact of effective teachers in the classroom.
While the delegation is spending their time abroad to learn a different education system, their hope is to present some of these ideas and eventually incorporate new techniques into their own curriculum.
“One thing they are constantly saying is they want to improve their teaching methods. They want to focus on types of learning and different aspects of teaching. There also is a concern that their own students are not creative. It is their system, itself, that dampens their students’ creativity,” said Gregg.
The delegates will finalize their Connecticut visit by examining professional development and teacher evaluation/student administration, extracurricular activities and community service.