SHU Offers New Film and Television Master’s Program

News Story: December 14, 2012

Sacred Heart University’s new Film and Television master’s degree program (FTMA) offers a foundation in storytelling in the film and television arts. As a sister program to the master’s in Communications (MACOMM), FTMA guides students in creating stories and applying their voices to the new media market. Through dynamic workshops and independent projects, students approach all aspects of production using visual storytelling as the basis for making aesthetic and technical choices, said Damon Maulucci, visiting professor for the program. 

FTMA emphasizes the importance of faculty guidance and hands-on experience. Each student works closely with a mentor who serves as his or her artistic and academic adviser. Faculty members guide their students in completing personal projects and developing professional partnerships. Through partnerships with media companies, students work outside the classroom, immersing themselves in real film and television environments. They will also complete their own professional portfolios and select internships tailored to fit their interests.

“Developing professional partnerships is essential to monetizing a creative lifestyle. Internships and partnerships within real media environments present opportunities for students to forge industry contacts and apply their skills to professional film and television productions,” Maulucci said. “They learn to develop projects, work with real budgets and collaborate in the service of actual clients. This directly informs their experience, allowing them to shape their own personal career goals toward a practical launch into the marketplace.”

FTMA provides students with access to the latest production and postproduction equipment. Students will shoot their films with the latest in HD camera technology – the same camera systems used in some of Hollywood’s biggest productions. They will also learn the craft of editing on professional quality systems using both Final Cut Pro Studio and the Avid Symphony software. Apple editing stations are equipped with After Effects, Pro Tools, Color and other postproduction software.

The FTMA empowers students to tell their stories and ensures they have the necessary tools to create content that will allow them to stand out. The program has begun accepting graduate students for the fall of 2013. To apply or for information, visit the newly launched website at

“Students will create and produce independent and artistic film, television and transmedia projects. They will gain real work experience through our community of companies and partnerships.  “The students’ projects and experience culminate with them leaving the program with their own professional reels, ready for the job market,” said Maulucci.