Professor Stefan Buda Featured in Director's Choice Art Exhibition

News Story: June 1, 2011
 Professor Stefan Buda

“A series that seems to flow without end or limits as in a stream of consciousness,” said SHU Professor Stefan Buda, of Derby, CT, about his work featured in the Director’s Choice Art Exhibition.

The exhibition takes place at Fairfield University’s Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery, Fairfield, CT.  It features 5 local artists who work in different mediums including: sculpture, painting, photography, and drawing. The exhibit opens on Sunday, June 19th with a reception from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  The exhibit will run until July 16th.

Buda has been at Sacred Heart University for over 24 years. During his time here, he not only held the position of chairperson for the Art & Design department in addition to his teaching responsibilities, but he also helped increase the number of art majors by 70%. During this time, he continued to work in the field of graphic design. Recently, he has moved on to mediums outside of graphic design.

“I am now able to explore other areas of artistic expression,” said Buda. “I have done sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, and have experimented with monotype, mono-print, and etching.”

Buda has 15 pieces in the exhibit including six sculptures, five prints, and four photographs.  The four photographs are part of a 12 photograph series titled The Bridal Shop Siren Series.  In this series, he took over 250 photos, six trips to Florida, and a year to complete, but Buda says that he enjoys the time it takes to finish a piece.

Selections from "Bridal Shop Sirens" and "Zen Dreams", a series of photographs
and monotypes, 2006-2007

“The process itself is a Zen experience for me as an artist,” said Buda. “The outcome is uncertain and barely controlled, but the finished result presents the viewer, also, with a Zen experience in that the simplicity is deceiving and interpretation is personalized by both the viewer’s mood and perception.”

Although he has seen great success with his current work, Buda explains he is still growing as an artist.

“I am still working with other mediums,” said Buda, “as exploration always leads to growth and an extension of the journey.”

Fairfield University’s Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery is located at 1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT.