Ali's Angels Benefit Concert

News Story: February 1, 2011

Ali's Angel 2011

Alison Angel The 2nd Annual Ali’s Angels Benefit Concert is being held in honor of Trumbull Resident, Alison Cubbellotti and her donor John.  This event will be a night filled with singing and dancing, even featuring Alison and her brother, Stephen!

Alison is a 21-year-old nursing student at Sacred Heart University.  At first glance, Alison appears to be a typical college student.  But, dig deeper and you will find that she is anything but typical.  At the age of nine, Alison started experiencing seemingly harmless symptoms. After a series of endless medical tests and procedures, Alison was given the diagnoses of an incurable liver disease, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) and Crohn’s Disease. 

The last ten years have been a blur for Alison, her family, and her friends as together they approached a very frightening reality; a liver transplant.  After the unsuccessful testing of very generous friends and family as well as an aborted transplant involving Alison’s brother, her parents spearheaded a desperate plea and agonizing search for a donor who would save their daughter’s life.  Finally, in the fall of 2009, as Alison was only months away from losing her battle with PSC, everyone’s  prayers were answered when an anonymous stranger stepped forward to become Alison’s life saving donor.  On October 19th, 2009 Alison and her donor, an amazing 21 year old Sacred Heart student, went into surgery.  Both Alison and John suffered numerous complications, but survived as a result of many prayers, and the skills of the doctors at Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Transplant Program.

All who know Alison have witnessed her spirit, resilience, and determination as true testaments to the amazing young woman she is.  Her dream is to become a pediatric nurse in hopes of giving back to children and helping them through their hard times as she was helped through hers. Thanks to her donor, Alison’s dream will become a reality.

Alison would be the first to say that living with illnesses is definitely a struggle but she firmly believes that God will keep her safe, after all it is He who brought her, her donor, John.

When PACC director, Cathi Lachioma approached the Cubbellotti family about making this benefit show annual, Alison was thrilled and decided that this year, she would like the proceeds to be dedicated to the research of a cure for PSC.  PSC can reoccur, so a cure must be found!  Alison is one of the lucky ones; she has lost dear friends to this debilitating disease.

Alison and her family hope that you will join them for this inspirational event in celebration of Alison’s second chance at life and in honor of her selfless donor.

For tickets, please contact the Performing Arts Center of Connecticut (PACC), by calling 203-372-2787. General seating-$20