Department of Web Content Management Receives Award from Web Marketing Association

News Story: September 13, 2012

For the third consecutive year, Sacred Heart University’s department of Web Content Management has received the Web Marketing Association’s “Outstanding Achievement in Web Development” award in the University Standard of Excellence category.

Founded in 1997, the Web Marketing Association helps to set a standard for Internet marketing and development of the best websites on the World Wide Web. And once again, Sacred Heart University’s website met that high threshold.

“We’re proud to have received this award for three years running,” said Nancy Boudreau, director of SHU’s Department of Web Content Management. “We scored higher than the industry average in three categories, rating particularly high in content and copywriting.  While our team knows how much goes into managing a university website, it’s nice to be recognized by our peers and industry professionals.”

With one look, SHU’s website instantly draws you in – from its colorful pictures, its layout and easy access to numerous departments at a click to the ability to search for anything easily and quickly. Soon the website will be even better as it is on the cusp of a makeover. Boudreau said her team and the University web committee are working with NewCity on the website's redesign, and that endeavor will take approximately 10 months.  “We expect to have it ready by August of 2012,” she said. “We’re in the planning stages right now.”

Along with its pages of information on Sacred Heart and its mission and rich history, academic programs, five colleges and various academic institutes and numerous departments, the website is constantly updated with news, events and images. It is also home to President John Petillo's blog. In addition, several members of the faculty and student groups also maintain blogs on the website.

Boudreau said that when Sacred Heart’s website was re-launched about six years ago, there were only about 3,000 pages. But because of the University's immense growth in the last decade, coupled with the increase in technology users and social media, the content has more than doubled.  While Boudreau’s department is responsible for the more than 7,500 pages of the site, her department is composed of just two staff members – Kim Galiette and Caitlin Robles. “We’re a small but a very efficient team,” she said.

In addition to their normal functions, Boudreau’s department regularly holds “boot camps” for departments and works closely with faculty and staff to improve and expand information on their sites. “It’s always exciting to hold a boot camp with the departments, because people get excited about what they can do to improve their site,” she said.

Reflecting on SHU’s website receiving recognition, she said, “these types of awards tell us what we’re doing right but, more importantly, what we need to be doing to take it to the next level.  Whether you receive recognition or not, your website is never final or complete.  It’s always changing.”