Interim President Petillo Addresses Faculty and Staff at Meeting

News Story: November 1, 2010
Interim President John Petillo

In a demonstration of what he calls “aggressive collegiality,” Dr. John J. Petillo addressed the entire faculty and staff of the University on Thursday, November 4th. The setting was the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, deliberately chosen because it marks the context “of who we are as individuals and as a community.” The new interim president thanked everyone for the welcome he has received and pledged a far-reaching assessment of the University’s offerings and governance. The dean of the John  F. Welch College of Business since March 2009, he said he was taken by surprise at the offer to assume the presidency and that only time would tell how effective he will be in that role. He emphasized, as he has done in early communications, the top priority he places on the academic excellence of the institution and called on the vigorous participation of everyone in the University community, faculty and staff included. Dr. Petillo will meet with Student Government Association leaders next week and with the entire student body a short while later. He said his door was always open to differing opinions and while that didn’t mean necessary or automatic agreement, it did mean a fair hearing and a willingness to learn from others.