Welch College of Business Redesigns Undergraduate Business Program

News Story: May 1, 2010

Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch College of Business is launching a new initiative to provide an integrated professional and academic development program.  This innovative concept in undergraduate business education will enhance the learning environment with a comprehensive approach to critical thinking, career knowledge and professional development.

Beginning in the Fall 2010 semester, Welch College of Business undergraduate students will participate in The Welch Experience.  By combining research opportunities, mentoring programs, service learning and volunteer programs, enhanced career development services, global study opportunities and co-curricular activities in a deliberate sequence, the College is creating the well-rounded business leaders of tomorrow. 

According to Dr. John Petillo, dean of the Welch College of Business, this novel approach to undergraduate education adds value by providing students a competitive edge even before they seek to join the workforce.

“We offer students the necessary knowledge and skills, but in today’s business climate, that’s not enough. We have to take them beyond the confines of the classroom to develop global awareness and prepare them to compete and excel in a rapidly changing business environment,” said Dean Petillo. “The investment by the students and College in this extra set of learning and experiential opportunities is a critical means to assure that they are prepared at the highest level as business leaders.”

Program components of The Welch Experience will build on SHU's current business education model and will involve the University's alumni, employer partners as well as professional organizations.  The curriculum incorporates the "Giving Voice to Values" approach to business decision making, provides an introduction to business etiquette and requires participation in co-curricular activities designed specifically to increase networking opportunities and strengthen professional development.  A state-of-art electronic portfolio will help students and faculty track projects, presentations, extra-curricular involvement and career development activities.

, SHU’s director of Career Placement, said The Welch Experience will also improve upon the types of skills and qualities that employers say they need to see in qualified job candidates including communication skills, a strong work ethic, team work skills, leadership abilities, analytical skills and technical proficiency.

To download The Welch Experience brochure, click here.  For more information about The Welch Experience and the John F. Welch College of Business, visit the Sacred Heart University website at www.sacredheart.edu/welchexperience.cfm or call 203-396-8084.