Candidates Day Videos

News Story: May 1, 2010

Sacred Heart University’s Department of Government and Politics, along with student organizations, and , hosted "Candidates Day" in April 2010. The event gathered an array of political candidates from the gubernatorial and senatorial races to those running for the U.S. House of Representatives, constitutional offices and the state legislature.  Click on the candidate names below to watch videos from the event.

Candidates for Governor of Connecticut:

Duffy Acevedo (R) Larry DeNardis (R) Michael Fedele (R)
Tom Foley (R) Dan Malloy (D) Rudy Marconi (D)
Tom Marsh (I) Dr. Scott P. Merrell (R)  

Candidates for U.S. Senate:

Ethan Book (R) Vinny Forras (R) Peter Schiff (R)
Linda McMahon (R) John Mertens (D) Warren Mosler (D)

Candidates for State Senate
David Pia (R)

Candidates for U.S. Congress:
Will Gregory (R) Tom Herrmann (R) Robert Merkle (R)
Rick Torres (D)    

Candidates for Connecticut's House of Representatives

DeeDee Brandt (R) Brenda Kupchick (R)

Candidates for Attorney General of Connecticut

Martha Dean (R)