Dr. Gary Rose Publishes Book on Landmark Supreme Court Cases

News Story: June 1, 2010

Sacred Heart University professor and author Gary L. Rose, Ph.D., has published a timely book on the Supreme Court, just as confirmation hearings are about to begin on Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

Rose, a long-time professor and chair of the University’s Department of Government and Politics, has authored nine books. His most recent is Shaping a Nation: Twenty-Five Supreme Court Cases That Changed the United States (Academica Press LLC). In it Rose examines Supreme Court cases that have played a unique role in changing American law, politics and history.

Rose drew on his own research, writing and interpreting, for more than 30 years, of cases that came before the nation’s highest court. He also studied the research of many judicial scholars. An edited version of the Supreme Court majority opinion is presented in each section. In a number of sections edited versions of dissenting and concurring opinions are also presented. The cases begin with the Marshall Court (Marbury vs. Madison) and conclude with the Rehnquist Court (Bush vs. Gore).

John Kenneth White of the Catholic University of America praises this volume saying, “Since its inception, the U.S. government has sought to fulfill the Founders’ aspirations of greater liberty, equality, and individual rights for all. The Supreme Court has been instrumental in expanding these rights. Gary L. Rose takes us along on this fascinating journey through the centuries, noting those times when the Supreme Court has acted boldly, and other occasions when the Court has detoured on its path toward expanding these crucial ideals.

Other publications by Rose include Connecticut Government and Politics: An Introduction, Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection, and The American Presidency Under Siege.

About the Book:

TITLE: Shaping a Nation: Twenty-Five Supreme Court Cases That Changed the United States
AUTHOR: Gary L. Rose, Ph.D.
PUBLISHER:  Academica Press, LLC
PUB DATE: March 15, 2010
PRICE: $49.95
PAGES: 234
ISBN-10: 1933146877
ISBN-13: 978-1933146874