SHU Bookstore Inaugurates Rent-A-Text Program

News Story: July 1, 2010

Sacred Heart University has launched a revolutionary program designed to put the lid on rising textbook costs. Sign-up for the new Rent-a-Text initiative is available at SHU’s bookstore’s website and will allow interested students to rent as many as 30 percent of the books assigned by SHU professors. The semester rentals should be less than half the price of a new text.

Ramona Strang, manager of the Sacred Heart University Bookstore, indicated that students can sign up online at any time. The students must offer proof of collateral – that is, a credit or debit card. They may then rent available texts in the same way they would buy traditional texts, paying for them by credit or debit card, cash or a financial aid account. The texts must be returned at the end of the semester, and students will have the option to purchase a book they would like to own. They may write in them as normal so long as the books stay in usable condition.

The program is being launched in connection with Follett Bookstores at hundreds of college campuses across the country. A pilot program at seven schools saved students nearly $2 million last year. Certain volumes such as workbooks will be unavailable, but the number of texts in the program is expected to grow substantially in the future.

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