SHU Community Holds Prayer Vigil for Haiti

News Story: January 1, 2010



Sacred Heart University’s Department of Campus Ministry hosted a prayer vigil for the victims of the recent Haitian earthquake in the new Chapel of the Holy Spirit on Tuesday, January 19th. Members of the Sacred Heart community gathered to pray not only for those who are suffering, but also to honor those who have lost their lives in the tragedy. 
During the event, members of the Sacred Heart University Concert Band played a piece called “Breaking Bread” and , director of bands, offered a reflection at the service about his work teaching at a music school in Haiti for the past two summers.  As the prayerful music played, attendees were invited to light candles in honor of those who have been directly affected by the earthquake. Brightly colored votives were chosen as a symbol of the vibrancy of the Haitian community.
Campus Minister for Education & Spiritual Life Sarah Heiman brought the context of the prayers together by reading an entry from a blog written by a friend who has been working with Global Ministries, experiencing the earthquake firsthand in Port-Au-Prince:
“There is no way to accurately describe the streets of Port-au-Prince as I made my way to the hospital. People were streaming from homes, down sidewalks, flooding streets. The religious were praying out loud, giving thanks to God. Others were evangelizing, predicting that this is the beginning of the end of the world. Many were wailing, crying, desperately searching for loved ones. Others were quiet, stunned.”
President Cernera
President Anthony J. Cernera spoke of the formation of a University task force to develop a sustained, long-term response to the disaster and of the possible partnerships we may develop with a Haitian Catholic university that was completely destroyed, inviting all to respond to the tragedy and live out the Corporal Works of Mercy that are engraved on the side of the Chapel. 
To learn more about helping those affected by the Haitian earthquake, click here. Those who wish to make an immediate donation may want to contact the following agency, which has resources in Haiti already:
Catholic Relief Services
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090