Core Colloquia - Haiti: A Long Suffering Road

News Story: January 1, 2010
Photo by Les Ston
Sacred Heart University’s Human Journey Colloquia Series will present Vision Project in a free public forum entitled “Haiti: A Long Suffering Road.” It will take place in the Schine Auditorium on Tuesday, February 9, beginning at 7 P.M. and will include the opportunity for discussion with the panelists.

The evening will be moderated by Richard Falco, the president of Vision Project, an organization dedicated to the development of documentary photography, investigative journalism, video, multimedia, and education. He
will present images of Haiti taken over the past 20 years by photographer

Les Stone. This will be followed by a personal reflection from Sacred Heart Professor of Criminal Justice Stephane Jasmin Kirven, a native of Haiti, who will explore the recent catastrophe and explain her connections to the regions directly impacted.

Joseph Alicastro will follow with a short documentary that was originally developed for NBC, where he was a producer. He is Vision Project’s associate director. Completing the formal presentations will be SHU Professors Charlotte M. Gradie and June-Ann Greeley. Dr. Gradie is a Latin American historian and chair of the Department of History; she was a participant in a faculty program in Haiti in 2004. Dr. Greeley, the chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, will speak of the religious and ethical dimensions of the present situation and discuss the University’s planned response.

The public discussion will address issues of poverty, social justice, human rights and the country’s evolving conditions following the earthquakes.