Education's Highest Aim, With Preface By President Anthony J. Cernera

News Story: February 1, 2010


Anyone interested in understanding and improving education will welcome the release of Education’s Highest Aim: Teaching and Learning through a Spirituality of Communion, due out in April from authors Michael James, Thomas Masters and Amy Uelmen, with a Preface by Anthony J. Cernera, President of Sacred Heart University. Their work presents the experiences of researchers, students, teachers, administrators, parents and others who have applied a theoretical and practical framework based on the Focolare Movement’s spirituality of unity.

With proven and effective ways of dealing with problematic realities found in primary, elementary, secondary and university education, Education’s Highest Aim is a valuable resource for parent and teacher organizations, school administrators, policy decision makers and those developing university courses in curriculum, instruction or educational foundations.

Education’s Highest Aim

  • the tensions inherent in understanding moral identity in the field of education
  • the principal features of an education of communion, and its contemporary relevance
  • the history of the Focolare Movement and education
  • case studies with strategies on negotiating the basic tensions in the educational experience
  • accounts of successful elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools organized around the basic principles of an education of communion
  • primary sources for an education of communion

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