Dr. Petillo's Remarks to Faculty and Staff at Advent Wreath Lighting

News Story: December 1, 2010
Chapel of the Holy Spirit
December 8, 2010

We gather today as we worship in thanksgiving and expectation because we are a faith community. Precisely in that context, Bishop Lori, your presence is welcomed and appreciated, since it reaffirms our spiritual and ecclesial bonds to the Church of Bridgeport.
As we gathered, we heard sung: O come, O come, Emmanuel,” with reverence and passion. In this one hymn, we gather our emotions of anticipating Christ’s birth. The hymn captures the biblical prophecy of Isaiah that God is with us.
We come here today as a community rooted in tradition, faith and expectation. Because of that rootedness, we can welcome those of other faiths. We welcome all people of good will.
As a community of learners, we search, we teach, we witness all within the context of our mission. It is a mission that appreciates and celebrates the Advent. It is our belief that this is a time of expectant waiting and preparation.
It is a time for us also to give thanks for the abundance of God’s gifts: of life, of memory, of faith. We are not just another institution of learning. We are Church. We are pilgrims in our journeys, and we are believers in our mission.
In that tradition, as we celebrate our waiting in this season of Advent, let us give thanks for one another as we serve our mission faithfully, ethically and morally. Let us remember that it is not loyalty to person but fidelity to our mission that is paramount, and let us recommit ourselves in complete service and presence to our students.
As we gather today in joy and thanksgiving, let us remember as in our prayer:
Jesus Christ, you are the Light of the world. Shine within your people here.

John J. Petillo, Ph.D.
Interim President

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