New Thrift Store on Campus Offers College Essentials at Discounted Prices

News Story: September 22, 2009

Senior Mike Fazzino stands in the doorway of SHU's new Thrift Store.

Sacred Heart University is opening a new shop especially for its campus community. The Sacred Heart Thrift Store is a non-profit project designed to reduce waste and give back to the community. The premise is simple: items are donated to the store and re-sold at discount prices just like any other thrift store. Located in SC 123b in the Main Academic Building, the SHU Thrift Store features a large selection of gently used clothing, electronics, books, kitchen and dorm supplies, appliances, furniture, and other college essentials.

The new project was made possible through the Core Commitments initiative of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. A Core Commitments conference brought students together from the 23-school AACU consortium that explores values education on campuses across the country. SHU’s Mike Fazzino was chosen to work with students from four other colleges, and the team created a concept that shared in the $5,000 prize offered for the best ideas submitted.

Most Thrift Store items will be priced between 50 cents and $3, and all items can be purchased in cash or by using thrift store coupons, or any combination of the two. Coupons can be attained by completing at least one hour of community service through the University’s Office of Volunteer Programs. One coupon valued at $1 will be given for each hour volunteered, with up to eight coupons given per volunteer day. Coupons can be acquired starting September 11, in the Office of Volunteer Programs. Additionally, clothing, books and some other items may be exchanged one-to-one for equivalent items.

All proceeds from the store will be donated to a different beneficiary each month. For September, all “profits” will be donated to the St. Charles Urban Center and Food Pantry in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A final tally of monthly donations will be displayed on the first of each month in the store, starting in October. Donations are welcome year-round and can be dropped directly at the Thrift Store during normal hours, or by contacting to schedule a pick-up. To be staffed by volunteers or a work-study employee, the store will be open from 12:30-3:30 P.M. on Thursday, September 10, and Friday, September 11.