Bill Cowher Offers 'Blueprint for a Winning Team'

News Story: October 28, 2009

He led his team to a 2005 Super Bowl victory and, a year later, left it all behind to find time for his growing family. Today, Bill Cowher is a fixture on the CBS News program, NFL Today, and he came to Sacred Heart University’s Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts to share his tips on the Blueprint for a Winning Team. The October 26th Student Affairs Lecture drew an audience of close to 400.

Cowher grew up outside Pittsburgh, where his parents still live. He was a high school and college football star and played professionally for a few years before he went full-time into coaching, staying with the Pittsburgh Steelers an impressive 15 seasons. He earned a Super Bowl ring four years ago in a 21-10 victory over Seattle.

The widely respected coach said he owes much of his success to his father, a retired insurance man, who insisted that his son always give his very best, saying at one point, “It’s what you do when no one is watching that makes a difference.” And what he did when the world was watching was coach the Steelers to 149 season wins, 10 playoff games, and two Super Bowl contests. His first was in 1995 at the age of 38, the youngest coach ever to earn that distinction.

Now in his early 50s, Cowher doesn’t rule out coaching again, but for the moment, he seems fully satisfied to have left the stress of the game behind and to share his winning secrets with audiences across the country. He’s still building winning teams.

The national award-winning Student Affairs Lecture Series brings to campus noteworthy speakers on a wide variety of subjects. This semester’s first address was by Tracy Kidder, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Mountains Beyond Mountains. On Tuesday, November 17, Blake Mycoskie will speak about “The New Rules for Tomorrow’s Business: A Student’s Guide to Making a Difference in the World.” The 7 P.M. event will be in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts. For further information, contact the Student Life Office at 203-371-7736.

To watch a press conference with Bill Cowher and his lecture, click here