Welch MBA Enrolling for September 2009

News Story: January 17, 2013
The Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University is enrolling students for the Welch Master of Business Administration program this fall. It is designed for working professionals who aspire to leadership positions in today's global economy. The Welch MBA is one significant way the University is rethinking its approach to graduate business education in the light of the recent enormous changes in the business marketplace. The University began offering business education in 1965, just two years after its founding. It presently enrolls over 250 graduate students in its MBA program and numerous certificate programs, in both the United States and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

According t
o Dr. John J. Petillo, dean of the Welch College of Business, this fall’s class will consist of students whose “work experience and academic achievements are an indicator of their potential, desire and vision for the future.” He added that “business leaders, academic leaders and Jack Welch himself, for whom the College is named, have repeatedly called for filling the gaps that currently exist in management education in order to develop leaders who are both decisive and accountable.”
Petillo explained that the changing business environment requires an integrated program characterized by multidisciplinary work. “The goal of our program is to develop individuals who can think and act as leaders rather than solely as functional experts. The development of leadership qualities such as the ability to motivate and inspire others, to innovate, to demonstrate global awareness, and to achieve excellence in an ethically responsible way will be features of the program.” 
For candidates with a business degree from an accredited college or university, the MBA can be accomplished in 36 credits; others will need to complete two additional courses. Entering students will be assessed to measure management skills, communication skills and content knowledge to help determine their curricular plan. The integrated core will consist of a number of intensive programs to develop cross-functional skills. Finance, marketing, operations and accounting will be taught simultaneously in a “business process” approach. Students must commit to attending class two nights a week for 12 credits in the first year of study. Much of the remaining coursework can be customized by the students to fit their personal plan.
Dean Petillo noted that the “events of the past decade have forever changed the way that business is done, and the recent financial crisis has created challenges that few have ever faced and an unprecedented need for a new kind of leader. The Welch MBA, developed for aspiring business leaders with at least two years of substantive business experience, is a dynamic approach to these concerns. We have already heard very positive comments from members of the corporate community who recognize the need for such innovative thinking in graduate business education.”
Professor Anthony Macari is the new Director of the MBA program. A graduate of the Pace University School of Law and the University of Connecticut, he has extensive background in the business, executive education and academic worlds. For further information, contact him at macaria@sacredheart.edu or 203-416-3512.