Reverse Vending Machines Give Back at SHU

News Story: December 19, 2009

Recycling Machines Will Offer Coupons and Prizes in Exchange for Recyclable Beverage Containers

Tomra of North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tomra Systems ASA (TOMRA) and leading global provider of advanced recycling solutions, today announced that Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield Conn., will offer automated incentive-based recycling programs to enhance beverage container recycling through its “reverse vending machines” (RVMs) on campus.

Under Sacred Heart’s new interactive recycling initiative, students and faculty will be able to return their empty plastic and aluminum beverage containers into one of three TOMRA RVMs placed strategically around campus. In return, users will receive valuable coupons to redeem goods from key sponsors of the program including BIC stationery products and shavers, digital cameras from FUJIFILM, as well as items from Chartwells, the University food service provider, and from the Campus Operations Department. Eastern Bag & Paper is also a sponsor. The three TOMRA T63 machines are now operational, and the full incentive program begins today.

“Our previous recycling program – utilizing simple blue recycle bins around campus – though effective in encouraging students, faculty and visitors to recycle, was not enough to get the job done so we were looking for a more interactive solution,” said Floyd Young, Director of Facilities/Campus Operations at Sacred Heart University. “TOMRA’s RVMs have the capacity to reward those who recycle with giveaways and coupons that engage the entire university community in recycling.”

RVMs, which look much like conventional vending machines, automate the process of collecting and sorting recyclables. RVMs are user friendly, clean and compact, and are appropriate for high-traffic areas. Sacred Heart will place one TOMRA machine at its athletic center, one at the faculty lounge and one at a student residence hall.

“TOMRA reverse vending machines are ideal for university campuses, where students and faculty are predisposed to Earth-friendly initiatives,” said Warren Stoll, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Tomra of North America. “What makes RVMs so effective is their ability to offer rewards for disposing recyclables responsibly. Sacred Heart is a true pioneer in this type of innovative, incentive-based recycling.”

About TOMRA of North America
Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Asker, Norway, TOMRA is a global leader in helping the world to recycle and reuse its valuable natural resources. With operations in nearly 50 countries, TOMRA provides end-to-end recycling solutions including automated recycling machines for empty beverage containers; pickup, transportation and processing services; and waste sorting and compaction equipment sales. TOMRA started operations in North America in 1985 and today represents nearly 40% of total global revenue. Tomra of North America is headquartered in Shelton, CT. For more information, visit or call 203-447-8779.