Senior Finds Recipe for Bringing Hope to Honduras: Just Add Water

News Story: January 17, 2013

Sacred Heart University senior Michael Fazzino spent the month of May in La Ceiba, Honduras, at the Children of the Light Village of Hope working with displaced children in that Central American nation. In addition to providing emotional and educational support, Fazzino brought along a special gift: $1,200 to install a massive 5,810-gallon water tank for the project.

Over the past year, Fazzino and the ONE Campaign at Sacred Heart University have worked to accumulate the funds that were given to Children of the Light (COTL) for the purpose of installing the new water tower. ONE, which Fazzino founded on campus, is part of a global college network designed to fight poverty and disease. The SHU chapter has been a national leader in educating young people about ways to help others both locally and abroad.

Mike Fazzino posed for a photo with his friends Angel, top, and Wilmer, bottom, in Honduras.

The previous tower held only 1,320 gallons, which was less than adequate to supply the 23 permanent residents as well as 51 elementary school students on the premises. Another organization purchased the tank itself, while the ONE Campaign funds were used to rent a crane to bring the tank to the top of the tower, as well as purchase additional hardware the tank required to operate.

Fazzino and two friends, Genevieve Gearity of Emerson College and Andrew Carlquist of Fairfield University, assisted in placing the new tank on the steel tower, which now serves the entire project and provides much needed water to the residents. Fazzino met the founders of the project three years ago, and has since travelled to Honduras several times to live and work with the boys.

The mission of Children of the Light, Inc. (COTL) is to provide love and hope to the street children of Honduras. Located in La Ceiba, COTL provides homeless children with an alternative to life on the streets, showing by way of words and deeds the love, mercy and compassion of God.

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