Winners of the 2009 Undergraduate Research Poster and Showcase Session

News Story: January 17, 2013

Sacred Heart University’s Undergraduate Research Poster and Showcase Session, held on Friday, April 24, yielded several top student presenters. There were two judges for each poster, and the scores were averaged. The top 25-30 percent received Excellent Achievement Awards, and those with scores over 95 percent, the Certificate of Outstanding Achievement.

In the “single author” category, three students earned distinction. Jo-Marie Kasinak for “Project Lim-molecular: Microsatellite Analysis of the Horseshoe Crab Population(s?) of Long Island Sound”; Jared Scata for “Optimal Procedure for Synthesizing Biodiesel”; and Thomas Streko for “Management  of a 20-Year-Old Male Division I Volleyball Player’s Grade 1 Inversion Ankle Sprain with Von Willebrand’s Disease.” Each one received the Certificate of Excellent Achievement.

In the “two author” category, the Certificate of Excellent Achievement went to Kristen Adams and Meghan Polis for “University Dispatch System,” and the Outstanding Achievement Award was given to Nicholas Falletta and Robert Matz for “SHU Rover.”

The final category was three authors or more. Michael Bellio, Brittany Kane and David Farrell presented “Cohabitation with a Mate Facilitates Attraction to Ultrasonic but Not Audible Pup Vocalizations in Adult Prairie Voles.” Stephen J. Mastriano, Milly Panicker James, Ashleigh Milardo and Kaitlyn Williams demonstrated “Characterization of the Role of Bacterial DNA Mismatch Repair in Sodium Nitrite-Induced Frameshift Mutagenesis.” And Katherine Baumann, Kalani Efstathiou and Kelly Gvoth presented “Energy and Cell Phones.” Each group was presented with an Excellent Achievement Award. The Outstanding Achievement Award went to Regan Kelly, Monika Auwaerter and Jessica Perez for “Chronic Stress: Is Fight or Flight Theory Relevant to Females?”

This year’s showcase attracted 39 exhibits, an increase of 11 over last year, and the number of academic departments represented grows each year as well.