Author Stewart Mader to Present 'Your Wiki Isn’t Wikipedia'

News Story: October 5, 2008
The Office of Instructional Technology and Ryan Matura Library are pleased to present “Your Wiki Isn’t Wikipedia: Practical Ways to Use it in Teaching, Research and Administration” with Stewart Mader, author of Using Wiki in Education and Wikipatterns. Please join us for this session of the “Teaching with Technology” Seminar Series! The event will take place on Thursday, October 30th from 1pm-2pm in room HC212 of the Main Academic Building.

Session Description: Wikis are the future of classroom and research collaboration, so improving adoption and effective use in teaching and research is key to realizing benefits such as more deeply engaged students, constantly refined curriculum materials and more streamlined research from data gathering to journal publication. Want to know more about how to achieve this? Stewart Mader will share strategies he has gathered on wiki adoption from his own experience teaching, collaboratively developing curriculum materials and working with the likes of Brown University and Johns Hopkins University.

Stewart Mader is a wiki expert, public speaker, and author of the books Wikipatterns and Using Wiki in Education. He publishes the blog Grow Your Wiki, and teaches people at Fortune 500 companies, universities, non-profits, and small businesses how to improve productivity and collaboration using wikis.