Ethics & the Elderly Topic of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Alumni Lecture

News Story:

The University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Alumni Lecture will present “Ethics and the Elderly: Peering at America’s Aging Population from a Business and Economic Perspective” on Thursday, September 27th at Sacred Heart University. The presentation, by Ken Milani, Ph.D., professor of Accountancy at the University of Notre Dame, will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Pitt Center Board Room. This event is co-sponsored by Sacred Heart University and is free and open to the public. Notre Dame friends and family are invited to a post-lecture reception.

Dr. Milani, who also serves as the faculty coordinator for Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s College Tax Assistance Program, began his career at Johnson & Johnson. A little over three years later, he returned to Bradley University, where he received a B.S. in accounting, for an MBA and his first taste of teaching. Two years of the academic life as an instructor convinced him that this would be a great way to make a living, so he enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Iowa. He came to Notre Dame early in 1972.

Professor Milani co-authored a Programmed Learning Aid (PLAID) in Federal Taxes, and his most recent effort is a South-Western publication, Tax Tips for the 2007 Graduate. As faculty coordinator of the Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s College Tax Assistance Program, Professor Milani oversees the efforts of students, faculty, and CPAs. Dr. Milani is also very actively involved in Notre Dame Executive Development programs.

The spring semester of 1986 marked the beginning of a series of off-campus educational programs sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association in alumni club locations across the country. In recognition of Father Theodore Hesburgh’s personal example as a lifelong learner, and as an expression of the great affection and respect he has earned from Notre Dame alumni, the Alumni Association National Board of Directors voted unanimously to title this new series the Hesburgh Alumni Lectures.

The Hesburgh Lecture Series brings the Notre Dame campus to its alumni and communities. The program strives to encourage intellectual dialogue between alumni, community members and the distinguished faculty of Notre Dame. Lecture/discussion programs address issues reflective of the unique strengths of the University: leadership in family life, church issues, ethical concerns, social problems, political questions, spiritual life, and the liberal arts. These lectures revitalize the intellectual spirit both of the graduate and the faculty.