Art & Design Student Wins RYASAP Award for 7th Straight Year

News Story: May 23, 2007

The Department of Art & Design is proud to announce that a poster design by Carl Henry, a senior in Graphic Design, has won the RYASAP competition for anti-tobacco public service ads for the collegiate division. This is the seventh year in a row that a Sacred Heart University Art & Design student has won this honor.

RYASAP, the Regional Youth/Adult Substance Abuse Project, is an urban/suburban youth and community development coalition serving the Greater Bridgeport region, comprised of Bridgeport, Easton/Redding, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull. The program supports local and statewide programs in juvenile justice advocacy, young adult leadership, and asset based youth community development training and consultation.

RYASAP’s mission is to create healthy communities free of the harm caused by substance abuse, crime and violence. It is RYASAP’s strong belief that insidious problems such as substance abuse, crime, and violence can be most effectively addressed when people work together and form nurturing relationships at all levels of the community.