SHU Hosts World Champion Cadets Drum Corps

News Story:

On Tuesday, June 12th, Sacred Heart University will play host to the nine-time world champions Cadets Drum Corps.  The corps, comprised of 135 men and women from around the world, will travel to Fairfield to practice at the University’s Campus Field.  They will also be offering music clinics to area high school bands, covering all aspects of marching and musicianship.


“The easiest way to describe what the Cadets do is to think of them as a professional level marching ensemble” says Sacred Heart Director of Bands Keith Johnston.  “The Cadets have an incredibly strong history of achievement since their founding in 1934 as the ‘His Holy Name Fife and Drum Corps.’  They are dedicated not only to presenting cutting edge marching shows, but they are also deeply committed to providing educational opportunities to young musicians.”


The relationship between Sacred Heart University and the Cadets began in 2003 when the Pioneer Band program began to sponsor events with the educational division of the Cadets, USSBA.  Since that time, the Pioneer Bands have been a sponsor as well as a host of USSBA educational events for high school band members throughout the country.


“I really love to work with people who enjoy bringing music to others and providing educational opportunities for young musicians. And with their emphasis on self-discipline, a strong work-ethic, and a desire to achieve ever greater results, the Cadets are a great role model for today’s youth,” said Mr. Johnston. Students will have the opportunity to watch the Cadets practice their 2007 show entitled “In His Holy Name” - a tribute to the corps’ beginnings - as well as participate in clinic workshops with the Cadets staff.