National Poll: Top 10 Issues of Concern Among Americans

News Story:

Gas Prices Second Only to Iraq War

  • Americans Support the Fence and Worker Passes
  • Two Thirds Call for Gonzales Resignation
  • Gas Prices Second Only to Iraq War

A nationwide survey of 958 Americans, conducted recently by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute, revealed many issues of concern with none more troubling than the war in Iraq and the price of gasoline.

Just over half of all respondents, 51.2%, identified the war in Iraq as their primary issue of concern.  The escalating price of gasoline was second only to the Iraq war for nearly one-quarter, 23.2%, of respondents.

Rounding out the top 10 issues, in declining order, were the cost of and access to healthcare (12.3%), immigration policy/illegal aliens (10.5%), poor economy (8.4%), high taxes (5.6%), environment/pollution (4.5%), terrorism (4.1%), global warming (3.7%), and violence/crime (3.3%).

Two-thirds of all respondents with an opinion, 65.9%, support the resignation of U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales while 34.2% are opposed to his resignation.

Stronger border security as well as guest worker passes for illegal immigrants are supported by majorities of all respondents. Over two-thirds of respondents who held an opinion, 69.0%, support a fence along the Mexican/U.S. border to slow illegal immigration.  And, 75.7% support a guest worker pass to allow immigrants to work in the U.S. legally.

“It appears, despite U.S. Senate opposition to a recent immigration bill, the public is broadly behind its key components – a border fence and guest passes,” according to Jerry C. Lindsley, director of the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute.

On other issues:

  • 39.9% support continued military presence in Iraq until the mission is accomplished
  • 61.8% support withdrawing U.S. military from Iraq by 2008
  • 74.8% support more aggressive emissions regulations to slow climate change
  • 78.6% support national health insurance for all Americans
  • 35.0% support the recent surge or increase in U.S. troops in Bagdad, Iraq
  • 33.0% support a new, small increase in income tax dedicated to the war on terror

“Republicans,” according to Lindsley, “are significantly more likely (67.5%) than Democrats (20.4%) to support continued U.S. military presence in Iraq while Democrats (75.7%) are more likely to call for troops to withdraw by 2008 than Republicans (42.5%).


  • Jerry Lindsley, director, Sacred Heart University Polling Institute

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How the Poll Was Conducted

The Sacred Heart University Polling Institute completed 958 interviews with residents nationwide between May 14-26, 2007. The sample was generated proportional to population contribution in all 50 states. Statistically, a sample of 958 completed telephone interviews represents a margin for error of +/-3.0% at a 95% confidence level.

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