CAS Receives National Science Foundation Grant

News Story: January 28, 2007

SacredHeartUniversity has been awarded a $119,000 grant through the highly competitive Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Program of the National Science Foundation.  The project, “From ILAP to iLabAP--Linking Investigative Biology Laboratories to the Mathematics Curriculum,” was developed as a joint project by faculty of the departments of Biology and Mathematics. It is under the supervision of Professors Kirk Bartholomew and Jennifer Mattei of Biology and Rose Marie Kinik and Hema Gopalakrishnan of Mathematics. 

There are several primary goals of the project:

  • to improve students’ perceptions of the utility of their Mathematics skills and their retention of mathematical concepts,
  • to improve the quantitative reasoning abilities of Biology majors, and to illustrate the importance of mathematical theory to the study of Biology,
  • to adapt the successful Inter-Math Project ILAP model of interdisciplinary curriculum development to create the iLabAP model more suited to linking laboratory instruction to the Mathematics curriculum,
  • to increase the sophistication and “real world” nature of investigative Biology laboratories as well as increase the usability and precision of data collected during laboratory investigations. and finally
  • to develop a model for integration of Mathematics and science laboratory instruction across the University. 

The majority of the awarded funds will be used to facilitate curriculum development activities and purchase digital data collection equipment for use in affected Biology lab courses.  This is a phase one exploratory award intended to provide proof of a concept for possible implementation and expansion across the University and/or for national dissemination.