Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding Hosts Third Annual 'Colleagues in Dialogue'

News Story: April 30, 2007

The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding (CCJU) ofSacredHeartUniversity will hold its third annual “Colleagues in Dialogue” Conference on April 17–19, at Union Theological Seminary inNew York City. The conference is part of the Center’s ongoing work to foster deeper theological understanding, dialogue and collaboration among Jewish and Christian religious leaders through its Institute for Religious Leaders. 

The CCJU Institute for Religious Leaders is dedicated to interfaith education and dialogue among Jews and Christians who represent the future of religious leadership in the United States. Emerging rabbis, priests and ministers are introduced to the problems and opportunities in Jewish-Christian relations through the Institute’s annual “Seminarian and Rabbinical Students” Conference. More than 200 students have participated in this program since its inception in 2000. 

The institute’s annual “Colleagues in Dialogue” Conference supports the continuing religious education of these clergy as they begin their ministries.  It seeks to solidify professional relationships that can build on the understanding of the each other’s faith traditions and its implications for preaching and teaching in local congregations and organizations.  

The 2007 “Colleagues in Dialogue” Conference will welcome 31 former participants who presently serve as rabbis, cantors, priests and ministers across the country. The program will feature a discussion with Dr. Mary C. Boys, author, scholar, educator and the Skinner and McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary, New York City, since 1994.  Dr. Boys’ presentation will be based on her most recent study on interreligious learning and dialogue, Christians and Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other (2006). 

The conference will also include a joint scripture study and discussion led by Rabbi Eugene Korn, Ph.D., an associate executive director at the Center. In addition to theological study and dialogue, participants will experience the Jewish and Christian history of Manhattan in a guided tour of the religious landmarks of New York City’s financial district as part of a three-day program.