Dr. Lois Libby Named 2006 Higher Education Multicultural Faculty of the Year

News Story: December 8, 2006

Lois Libby has been selected as the 2006 Higher Education Multicultural Faculty of the Year by the State Department of Education and the National Association for Multicultural Education. According to the Connecticut Department of Education, the award is in recognition of the impact Dr. Libby has had on the preparation of educators at Sacred Heart University. Dr. Libby’s commitment to multicultural education is illustrated by her long history of involvement with Bridgeport Public Schools. As the supervisor of student teaching, she has shared her own experience of multicultural education with generations of teacher candidates. She has also supported her faculty members in creating reading and mathematics clinics in the Bridgeport public schools, and helped shape both curriculum and student interns in ways that recognize that children have many different ways of learning. Sacred Heart is one of the largest teacher preparation programs in the state, and the largest supplier of new teachers in Fairfield County.