Dr. Anca Micu Interviewed as Part of Groundbreaking Marketing Conference

News Story: October 8, 2006

Dr. Anca Micu, Assistant Professor of Management at Sacred Heart University's John F. Welch College of Business, recently brought national attention to SHU when she was interviewed on video at a major marketing conference in New York City. Dr. Micu was one of only two professors interviewed, along with Dr. Gerald Zaltman, Professor of Business Administration Emeritus atHarvardBusinessSchool.

The interview took place at the 2006 Consumer Engagement Conference, held at The Crowne Plaza from September 27 to 28, and was broadcast on the official blog covering the event.

“Having the opportunity to be interviewed brought SHU's name in front of the eyes of many practitioners and academics from the advertising field, many of whom had probably never heard about Sacred Heart University before,” Dr. Micu said.

The Consumer Engagement Conference was a pioneering effort to change marketing strategies across the industry. The event featured presentations from marketing leaders and experts, along with guidance for advertisers and agencies on “how to turn on a mind and how to create meaningful communications for today's consumers,” according to conference literature. The goal was to “help research companies, advertisers and their agencies gain the confidence to change the way they approach developing, testing and measuring the effect of their marketing communications programs.

”The blog, Engagement By Engagement, was produced by Nielsen BuzzMetrics, an Internet-marketing analysis firm based in New York City, in conjunction with the Advertising Research Foundation and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA), co-sponsors of the conference.

Dr. Micu was interviewed for the blog's “Engagement Video Series,” which featured dialogues with marketing experts from across the U.S. Others interviewed for the series included Ted Smith, Senior Vice President of Research and Intelligence at CNET; Mike Donahue, Executive Vice President of AAAA; Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer of Neilsen Media Research; Barbara Bacci Mirque, Executive Vice President of the Association of National Advertisers; and Michael Burgi, Editor of Mediaweek.

In her interview, Dr. Micu explained why the concept of engagement is important to the future of marketing. “Advertising agencies, brand managers and marketing departments are focusing on [building relationships with customers], kind of shifting the focus from pushing product to trying to understand the consumer,” she said. “ ‘Engagement' is trying to connect with your consumer. It's important because there have been lots of studies in neuroscience in getting to understand what's happening in the consumer's minds, and there are lots of new findings that the advertising and marketing industries can use.”

While Dr. Micu's input toward the conference coverage was valuable, she places a greater value on the knowledge she brought from New York to her classroom at Sacred Heart. “The conference exposes me even more to first-hand accounts of events happening within marketing departments and advertising agencies,” she said. “It's a way to make sure my students get the knowledge and skills that companies are looking for in their employees today.”

Dr. Micu's contribution to the conference only adds to her media portfolio. With a dual background in business and communication, she has been involved in a variety of research projects, from consumer processing of online advertising to comparing phone and online survey methodologies. Her research on permission-based e-mail marketing has been published by the American Marketing Association and was covered by PC World and Yahoo! News.

Dr. Micu's Engagement By Engagement video segment can be viewed at http://consumerengagement.blogspot.com/2006/10/engagement-video-series-dr-anca.html