A Q&A with Justin Liberman

News Story: December 8, 2006

The Department of Media Studies and Digital Culture
and SHU Channel 3
Proudly Presents

A Q&A with Justin Liberman

Thursday October 5th
7pm in the Faculty Lounge
(Next to the Bookstore)

Justin's films "Y Nada Mas" debuted at the Tribeca Film Fest in April 2005.

Y Nada Mas is an award-winning 35mm film composed of four vignettes depicting the Mexican-American man and his place in our society. Inspired by visceral experiences from within the local community of Venice Beach, CA, each story captures the alienation and undaunted strength of a culture struggling for its identity amidst the gentrification of the area. Consisting predominantly of reformed felons and ex-gang members provided by Suspect Entertainment, the cast infuses a rare authenticity and understanding into the film's characters, bringing an unabashed sense of reality to the piece.


Justin will also screen his latest film
Pretty Dead Flowers

Pretty Dead Flowers is a wickedly precise dark comedy about the pathos of supermodel Samantha Kovacks. Confronted not only by the aging process, but also an unexpected resurgence in popularity and fame, Samantha finally uncovers the coveted answer to the timeless question—what does beauty see when it looks at itself in the mirror?


For further information please contact:

Gregory J. Golda
Clinical Instructor of Media Studies
Coordinator of Multimedia Productions