Wrestling with Problem Passages by CCJU

News Story: December 28, 2006

Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding Announces
"Wrestling With Problem Passages Conference"

Sacred Heart University’s Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding (CCJU) is sponsoring a symposium December 4-5, 2006, in the William H. Pitt Center Board Room. The conference, "Wrestling with Problem Passages" is part of CCJU's ongoing work to promote dialogue and understanding.

This is the first of several conferences with Jews, Christians and Muslims focusing on problem passages within their own traditions in the presence of "the other." Thirty scholars and religious leaders have agreed to participate in this symposium. There will be extra seats for students, faculty, staff and guests who are interested in attending one or all of the sessions.

Interreligious dialogue seeks to foster learning about the religious other and to develop insights that can bridge the rifts that have historically divided them. A more in-depth experience of this learning occurs when Jews, Christians and Muslims engage in dialogue in the presence of the other. The format of the conference will include presentations of the problem passage and how it is addressed, resolved, or remains a challenge within the tradition followed by reactions from the participants.  

For more information about the activities and publications by the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding, contact Dr. Ann Morrow Heekin, coordinator of Programs and Publications, at 203-365-7592, or visit the Center's website at www.ccju.org.