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Sacred Heart Establishes Online Forum to Help Rebuild the Church

Sacred Heart University has established an online forum to help rebuild the Catholic Church in a time of disunity and spiritual decay. The forum, “Go, Rebuild My House,” will serve as an open forum and allow experts from all over the world to contribute posts. Contributors will include Catherine E. Clifford of Saint Paul University, Ontario, Canada; David Gibson, journalist, author and director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University; Paul Lakeland, teacher, scholar and director of the Center for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University; Robert Mickens, English editor for La Croix International website; Catherine Mulroney, program coordinator and faculty of theology at the University of St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, Canada; Gerry O’Hanlon, Irish Jesuit theologian and author; Myroslaw Tataryn, professor emeritus at St. Jerome’s University, Canada and a Ukrainian Greco-Catholic priest; Michael Sean Winters, a journalist and writer for the National Catholic Reporter; and Tina Beattie, British writer, broadcaster, professor of Catholic Studies at London’s University of Roehampton and director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Religion, Society and Human Flourishing. Sacred Heart faculty members who will also contribute include Michael W. Higgins, June-Ann Greeley, Brent Little, Jennifer Reek, Daniel Rober and Brian Stiltner.

Holocaust Survivor Judith Altmann Tells Sacred Heart Her Story

November 16, 2018

Holocaust survivor Judith Altmann told an emotional, autobiographical story to students, faculty, staff and community members at Sacred Heart University’s annual Kristallnacht commemoration ceremony in early November.

SHU Launches New Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology

November 9, 2018

Sacred Heart University is set to launch a new master’s program in industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology next fall. Students will learn how to help workplaces across all industries increase efficiency and employee satisfaction using psychological principles. Program director and assistant lecturer Mary E. Ignagni said interest in the field is growing and the program—once offered as a track—will now be a full-fledged degree taught by experienced faculty.

Skype Helps SHU Examine Relationship between Faith, Science

November 5, 2018

Sacred Heart University students, faculty and community members gathered in the Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center theater recently for a Skype call with Brother Guy Consolmagno in Italy to discuss the relationship between faith and science. The conversation was part of the University’s Human Journey Colloquia Series.

Former Fairfield Police Chief Joins SHU Community

November 2, 2018

Former Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara has joined Sacred Heart University in the role of executive director for public safety and government affairs. He comes to the University after spending the past 8 years as chief of the Fairfield Police Department. During his tenure, the Fairfield Department has had one of the best reputations in the state.

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