101 s.w.e.e.t. Things To Do at SHU

  1. Work up a sweat at the Pitt
  2. Watch your favorite must-see TV shows with your roommates on netflix
  3. Go ice skating at Wonderland of Ice or catch a hockey game!
  4. Need some down time? Red’s is right here on campus for you. Not 21 yet? No problem. Every Sunday night it’s open to all students.
  5. Grab your friends and get a bite to eat at the Merritt Canteen – a SHU institution. It was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!
  6. Go to the plays on Broadway in NYC – on your own or through Student Activities
  7. Lace up your running shoes and go for a run
  8. Laugh, cry or scream? Go to the movies and escape for a while. Bowtie Cinemas in Fairfield has Super Tuesday which includes discounted prices!
  9. Hang out and relax with friends at The Peak (Building A of CWC)
  10. Perfect your pool shark skills in Hawley Lounge
  11. Go to the mall and window shop
  12. Get a job so you don’t have to just window shop
  13. Cool shoes. Go bowling at Nutmeg Bowl
  14. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Work Day – look for their e-mails
  15. Binge watch Netflix, complete the experience with popcorn (please don’t set off the fire alarm)
  16. Expand your horizons – go to one of the many cultural and international events on campus
  17. Check out a Sound Tigers or Bridgeport Bluefish game at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport
  18. Join a Club or Organization and meet people who share your interests 
  19. Give that physics text book a break and read to little kids instead. Participate in a Read- A- Loud Day at a Bridgeport School with the Service Learning Office
  20. Play cards or board games with friends
  21. Go for a walk and kick through the fall leaves
  22. Bring out your inner interior designer and rearrange your room
  23. Pick up some new moves - go see a dance recital on campus
  24. Bake something yummy
  25. Go to Penfield Beach for an afternoon to take a break from the campus scene
  26. Go to Bingo on campus – they have some seriously big prizes
  27. Check out a theatrical or musical performance at the Edgerton. Most shows are free or totally affordable on a student budget 
  28. Go pumpkin picking at Jones Farm in Shelton or Silverman's Farm in Easton
  29. Find a haunted hayride/corn maze/house in the month of October...just Google and pick the scariest one!
  30. Missing your pet? Go see some other animals; the Beardsley Zoo is right in Bridgeport
  31. Take a trip to New Haven, a great college town
  32. Get out the plastic and hit the outlets in Clinton or Westbrook (buses through Student Activities will take you during the holiday season)
  33. Go food shopping and stock up on some goodies
  34. Take a study break and share a sundae at at the Creamery in Roncalli
  35. Go for a hike and enjoy the amazing fall weather in New England 
  36. Check out the new Starbucks Café at the library for a cup-a-joe and a little quiet conversation
  37. Pamper yourself and go get your nails done
  38. Work on your spike & hook shot - play beach volleyball or basketball outside the dorms
  39. Nothing beats a good laugh. Check out one of the comedians sponsored by Student Activities
  40. Hang out with Big Red - attend an athletic game and cheer on your Pioneers!
  41. Be the Mickelson...go to the driving range and work on your swing...
  42. Black Rock Turnpike: A really popular area with many restaurants and shops. Check the SHUttle schedule for info
  43. Colony Grill: Share a pie or a pizza, depending on where you’re from
  44. Discovery Museum & Ropes Course: Less than a quarter of a mile from SHU down Park Avenue
  45. Check out the concerts at Harbor Yard or Mohegan Sun 
  46. Trip to Boston: Roughly 2 hours’ drive from SHU. Take the SHUttle to the transit system in downtown Bridgeport and plan your trip!
  47. Mr. SHU (spring semester): Very popular event on campus. Get your guy friends to participate and go cheer them on (IT’S FREE FOR SHU STUDENTS!)
  48. SHUidol: Try out for SHUidol yourself or support your friends week after week!
  49. Grab some friends and play basketball behind Merton
  50. Jennings Beach is a local favorite 
  51. Head out to the quad or a local park to play Frisbee or football
  52. Be adventurous - cook for your roommates
  53. Play video games or enter a tournament at Hawley Lounge
  54. Get your yogurt on: Head over to Pinkberry or Sixteen Handles
  55. Take the shuttle to Main Street and head across the street from Stop n Shop to get some great Italian food at Mario the Baker
  56. Go watch the Yankees, Red Sox, Pats, Jets or Giants & grab the best wings in town at Archie Moore’s
  57. Take a ride over to Barnes and Noble in Westport to browse, read a book and grab a cup of coffee
  58. Check out the waterfront atmosphere, great restaurants and shops of SoNo (South Norwalk)
  59. Host a poker tournament with your friends 
  60. Volunteer through the Service Learning Office and work in the local schools, soup kitchens, elderly homes, or through city clean-up programs. There are so many people who need your help! 
  61. Looking for a thrill? Head out to an amusement park – Lake Compounce or Six Flags New England
  62. Make a new playlist of your favorite songs
  63. Check out the great vibe & live music at Las Vetas Lounge, 27 Unquowa Road in Fairfield
  64. Go get a new hairstyle
  65. Join a dance, zumba, yoga, or martial arts class
  66. Be creative. Paint a picture or write a poem
  67. Is your closet a scary place? Sort through your stuff and donate clothes to Goodwill
  68. Participate in a benefit walk for your favorite cause
  69. Plan this year’s Halloween costume
  70. Talk to your RSA! They are always busy planning programs for their residents
  71. Larger than Life - check out the Imax Theater at the Norwalk Aquarium
  72. Tie dye shirts – an old school college tradition
  73. Have a water balloon fight while the weather is still warm
  74. Invite a friend from home to come visit you at SHU for the weekend
  75. Create a scavenger hunt
  76. Gotta bounce? Check out Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park in Trumbull
  77. Make a memory book/scrap book of your favorite photos
  78. Smoothie heaven – Robecks.
  79. Get your groove on - attend a concert at SHU
  80. Have a salon night in your suite – be brave & dye your hair!
  81. View the Human Journey Art Collection and see the beautiful works of art displayed across campus
  82. Check out some of the great guest speakers that come to SHU 
  83. Put down the Ramen noodles & head out to the Chef’s Table – a SHU favorite.
  84. Go bargain hunting at Marshall’s- on Main Street on the right past Stop and Shop 
  85. The Big E – the biggest fair in the Northeast – is here until September 30th
  86. Treat yourself to a massage – Massage Envy has some good deals!
  87. Have a picnic- pack some sandwiches, drinks and a blanket and head out to your favorite patch of grass to enjoy a beautiful day 
  88. Read the Spectrum (SHU newspaper)- found all over the academic building and in the library
  89. Our all-time favorite - take a nap
  90. Feeling adventurous?? Super brave?? Go zip-lining at Brownstone Park!
  91. A great music venue in CT, look to see if your fav band is coming soon
  92. Take the SHUttle to downtown Fairfield. It's a great place to shop, eat & hang out!
  93. Fall is the perfect time to sign up with some friends to do a 5 or 10K, Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder
  94. Go to Fresh Check Day on 63's patio & lawn in September
  95. Take a hike! Literally.
  96. Looking to stock your fridge with something healthy? Trader Joe's on Black Rock Turnpike has great food at great prices.
  97. Indoor Rock Climbing? Why not? Check out Carabiner's Indoor Climbing 85 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield
  98. So the best pizza ever might have started in New Haven, but it has now come to Fairfield.  Frank Pepe's on Commerce Drive
  99. Like your live music up close & personal? FTC is amazing!
  100. Walk around downtown Westport, a gorgeous spot right on the water 
  101. Is your room or apartment looking a little pathetic? Head to IKEA in New Haven to do a little redecorating.

Compiled by your s.w.e.e.t. (student wellness education & empowerment team) Peer Educators