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Who are we? Students, like you. We eat. We sleep (sometimes). We study. We spend too much time on Facebook. We have a good time. We've also got the facts about drinking, dealing with stress, sexual health, nutrition and exercise, and tobacco use on campus.

101 s.w.e.e.t. Things To Do at SHU!
New to campus? Feeling bored with the same old routine? S.w.e.e.t. has put together a list of 101 awesome things to do at SHU this fall‌ - have fun!

Smartphones are sweet!
Did you know your smartphone is good for more than texting and playing angry birds? Want to use your smartphone to improve your level of wellness? Check out this awesome article from Harvard University about health apps for iPhone and Android.

SHU Said 1No Designated Driver? Call a cab. 

A few bucks is nothing compared to someone's life.

Yellow Cab: (203) 334-2121
Metro Cab: (203) 333-3333
Fairfield Cab: (203) 255-5797

Casino Cab: (203) 266-4343 

 Remember our tag line:  A Healthy Life is a s.w.e.e.t Life!

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