M. Theresa Martinez Catholic Studies Scholarship

M. Theresa Martinez

About the M. Theresa Martinez Catholic Studies Scholarship‌

M. Theresa Martinez was an undergraduate at Sacred Heart University, and later she completed her sixth year in Education here at the University. She spent her professional life as an elementary school Principal for over 10 years of her career.

Despite chronic illness and years of medical treatments and physical suffering, Theresa’s focus was always on her faith and spiritual life, the life of the mind, and giving back to those in dire need, especially women and children.

‌In many ways Theresa exemplified the interdisciplinary nature of Catholic Studies and Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Her reading interests were wide-ranging — theology, science, and the arts, especially opera. She read Chardin and Rahner and talked about them as if they were her close companions. She gave of herself in so many ways but her joy was in mentoring young students from inner city schools, helping them with school and life issues, often buying them the books, the computer or clothing they could not afford, or bringing them to museums, concerts.

This scholarship underscores her life—long avocation to engaging with Catholic thought across the disciplines, and to fostering the development of young people’s minds and hearts.

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Scholarship Requirements

  • M. Theresa Martinez with KidsThe Student will complete an application that includes a 1-page essay requirement stating why she/he wishes to pursue a Catholic Studies Minor.
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student with preference for rising sophomores that has formally completed the necessary academic steps to declare and pursue a Minor in Catholic Studies.
  • Demonstrate solid academic performance by maintaining an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 and achieving a cumulative 3.0 GPA in coursework completed towards a Catholic Studies minor.

From those candidates that meet the criteria cited above, the recipients will be selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship award to be applied towards the tuition according to the following terms:

The initial $500 will be applied towards tuition after the scholarship recipient successfully completes CIT 201 and 202. The remaining $500 will be applied toward the tuition when the scholarship recipient demonstrates that they are registered for the final elective (s) to complete the Catholic Studies Minor requirements.

To apply for the scholarship, contact Dr. Loris at 203-396-8020 or Lorism@sacredheart.edu 

Catholic Studies, itself, is an interdisciplinary academic field of study which engages Catholic thought across all disciplines and colleges throughout the University. Many Catholic colleges and universities --- like Georgetown, Fordham, Loyola of Maryland, Seaton Hall University, Boston College, University of Notre Dame --- house programs, centers, or departments of Catholic Studies and offer majors, minors, or certificates in Catholic Studies and offer majors, minors, or certificates in Catholic Studies as a way of situating and underscoring the institution’s Catholic identity. Such programs are differentiated from theology and religious studies departments because of Catholic Studies interdisciplinary focus on the Catholic intellectual tradition, and because, for some of these institutions, the focus on the Catholic social justice tradition.

Sacred Heart’s Department of Catholic Studies also offers students an interdisciplinary minor in Catholic Studies. The Minor provides students from any field of study the opportunity to take courses that examine the many ways that Catholic though has informed people’s lives and has shaped the world in which they live. Courses in the minor allow students to examine social, political, environmental, economic, and health issues in our world today.