Past Scholarship Recipients

"Coming from humble beginnings, the college experience meant the world for me. It has given me the opportunity and drive to do things I would never have thought I would be able to do. The William Pitt Scholarship has been a big part of me being where I am today, and I will never forget your generosity. You have truly touched my life. I look back and I thank you for the opportunity that you give students such as myself.” Daniel Thomas ’08, Philosophy Major, Bridgeport, CT

“I was born and raised in Albania for 17 years. It is a poor country and it does not offer money to students. My parents wanted me to succeed and did their best to give me a better education than they had. When we came to the United States of America to pursue my education, it was a struggle to learn the language and culture. With this scholarship, I will be able to pursue my dream of getting a college education and some day going to medical school. My dream is to be a pediatrician. I enjoy working with children and seeing a smile on their faces.” ‎, ’11 Un-Declared Major, Seymour, CT

“For anybody to understand how important this help is for me, they must have experienced my life day to day. Many have been the times that I have gone to bed with tears in my eyes praying for things to be easier for my parents. I always wanted to go to college, but I never really thought of the sacrifices my loved ones would have to do for this dream to come true. Now that I am closer to becoming a nurse, I know that somehow I will be able to return all those good things people have done to help me get to this point.” Merlin Perez ’08, Nursing Major, Bridgeport, CT (formerly of Cuba)

"When I think about what this scholarship means to me, I smile. When I first got the phone call saying I had been chosen for this scholarship, I was speechless. I was so pleased to think that I had received this benefit based on my efforts and dedication. I think that part of growing up and maturing is achieving goals that you set for yourself and in achieving the dreams you dream. I am a double business major and my goal is to receive my Master’s of Business Administration. I believe that “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Kathleen McGillicuddy ’10, Finance and Management Major, Fairfield, CT

"This scholarship means so much to me. My parents and I are hard workers and need all the help we can get to be able to afford Sacred Heart University. I’m able to pursue my goals and dreams because of your assistance. Heroes of mine are individuals who help others in achieving their dreams. I want to be a physical therapist because I want to be able to help people. I want to encourage and motivate individuals. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, just like you have done for me.” Mary Coakley ’09, Exercise Science Major, Plattsburg, NY

“Being a single mom while going to school and working has been very difficult to say the least, but I am determined to succeed. I consider this scholarship a gift that will keep on giving, whether it be through me, my daughter or my patients and their families. Everyone I come in contact with will be affected by this scholarship.”  Traci Heard ’08, Nursing Major, New Haven, CT.