President's Circle

Gifts of $25,000 and above

Thank you to our President's Circle - $25,000 +

454 Life Sciences Corporation
Rosanne Badowski
Joseph and Missy Carrier
Cedar Street Charitable Foundation
Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services
CME Group Foundation
Leonard DiCostanzo
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
DuPont Corporate Remediation Group
The Ernest & Joan Trefz Foundation
Fairfield County's Community Foundation
Isabelle T. Farrington
Lawrence and Megan Foley
Russell and Catherine Goodale
H. W. Wilson Foundation Inc.
Brian Hamilton
John F. Welch Jr. Foundation
Douglas and Carol Kennedy
Lanese Construction, Inc.
T. J. and Debbie Lanese
The Lawrence and Megan Foley Family Foundation Inc.
Gary and Mary Anne Levin
Marie & John Zimmermann Fund, Inc.
Frank and Marisa Martire
Daniel and Ann McCarthy
McLeod Blue Skye Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Christopher and Elaine McLeod
Linda and Vincent McMahon
Thomas Montag
Thomas and Janet Montag Family Foundation
Richard and Barbara Naclerio
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Oaklawn Foundation
Paul L. Jones Trust Fund
Elizabeth Pfriem
Matthew Reale
Thomas Rich
Sageworks, Inc.
Kenneth and Dina Siegel
Pablo and Cecilia Stalman
Telescript International
Joan and Ernest Trefz
Lori Tyll
Robert J. Valentine
John and Suzy Welch
William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc.