Gifts of $100 – $499

Thank you to our Pioneers - Gifts of $100 to $499

A & S Fine Foods
A. P. Gurda Produce Co.
A. Prete Construction Co., Inc.
Jacob Aaron
Robert and Mary Anne Abercrombie
Absolute Marketing Group
ACF Consulting LLC
Kathy Adams and Elmer Adams
Marjorie Adams
Sandra and Edward Adams
Barbara Adcock
Robert and Kathleen Adcock
Paul Adimando
Michael and Lisa Agolia
Joseph and Laura Akin
Joseph Akpanikat
Annette and Frank Alaggia
Michelle and Frank Alaimo
Patrick and Oneita Alarcon
Nicholas Albanese
Nick and Karen Albanese
James and Kathleen Alber
Alida Alberts
Aleksa Auto, Inc.
Paul and Laura Alessandrini
Rocco and Filomena Alessandro
Joseph and Helena Almeida
Robert and Elisabeth Almerini
Funda Alp
R. Gregory Altier
Amark Express Service Inc.
Joseph Amato
Konstantinos and Athena Amaxas
Anaheim Ducks
William and Jan Andersen
James and Mary Anderson
Joan Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
George Andriso
Joseph and Teresa Anquillare
John and Cecilia Antimisiaris
Julia Antoine
Elaine Apicella
Neil and Lori Appelberg
David and Victoria Appler
William and Melanie Appler
Appreciation Marketing, LLC
Michael and Mae Archacki
Thomas Archer
Robert Arciaga
Mark Arcobello
Richard and Susanne Arcuri
Barbara Arico
Carol Armstrong
Delvon Artis
Thomas and Dawn Astram
AT&T Foundation
Robert Auer
Linda and Steven Auger
Debra Avena
Frank Avena
Stephen and Lynne Avveduti
Thomas and Noreen Awad
Arthur Awe
JoAnn Awe
Naiara Azpiri
Bruce and Patricia Baggaley
Bank of New York Mellon
Lawrence and Loriann Baranauskas
Patricia and John Baratta
Anne and Barker
George and Laurie Barker
Lynne and Stephen Barnard-Avveduti
Kenneth and Ellen Barney
Kristy Barra
Shannon Barrows
Kaitlin Barry
Fr. Andrew Bartek
James and Jenelle Bartel
Dennis and Dana Bartley
Maria and Mario Bartoli
Joseph and Sharon Bassarab
Jonathan Basti
Richard and Beryl Batura
Leslie Bauer
Reginald and Michele Bayley
Joseph and Cathryn Baylock
Bruce and June Beauchesne
Austin Bebyn
Larry and Aimee Becker
Richard Becker
Richard and Belhumeur
Vincent Bell
John and Patricia Benigno
Brian Benson
Kyle Benson
Robert and Marilyn Berghorn
Malcom and Eugenia Best
Betbanc, Inc.
Edward Betsch
Edgar Betts
Stephen and Janet Betts
Ronald and Lynette Bianchi
John and Merrian Bianculli
Denise and Jesse Biggins
James and Elinor Biggs
David and Stephanie Billingslea
Judith Billingslea
Sina and Matthew Binkowitz
Michael Biondi
Michael and Joan Bird
Regina Birdsell
Richard and Theresa Bissonnette
Marc Bitterman
Carl and Bjorklund
Dan and Emily Blakeslee
Edward and Linda Blanchette
Scott Blanchette
James and Mary Blatus
Rob Bleggi
Mary Blewitt
Marisa Bloch
Thomas and Shauna Bloomquist
Matthew Blum
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Beverly and Paul Boehmke
Daniel and Karen Boland
Raymond Bolis
Paul and Stefania Bonanni
Sharon Bontempi
John and Brenda Boolukos
Barry Boriss
Amy and Harry Bortner
Joanne Bortone
Gary and Lynn Borzillo
Boston Bruins
Naomi Botelho
James Botten
Nancy and Thomas Boudreau
Diane and Bouplon
Linda and Michael Bouve
Lynn and James Bowe
Sean Bowe
Richard Bowerman
Donna and Bowers
The Late Stephen Bowers
Jade Bowins
Arthur H. and Doreen Boyd
Benoit and Sonia Boyer
Arthur Boyle
Robert and Bernice Braccia
Dennis Bradley
Walter and Gail Brady
Susan Brams
Alan and Jeanne Brandofino
Charlotte Braziel
Daniel and Karen Breen
Robert and Cynthia Breen
Philip and Deborah Bregna
Denise Brennan
Sharon Brescia
Barbara Brevetti
Bri-Nic Construction Corp.
Nelson and Pearl Broms
Brookside Package LLC
Dorothy and Christopher Brown
Douglas Brown
Laurie Brown
Mary Ann Brown
Regina Brown
Sean and Regina Brown
Bruen Deldin Didio Associates Inc.
Dolores Bruno
Daniel and Deborah Buckley
Valerie and W. Buckley
Buffalo Sabres
Jennifer Bull
Glenn and Lynn Burek
Stephen Burke
Mark Burlinson
Stephen and Karen Burrows
Scott Burton
Dana Butler
Lynne and Kenneth Butterworth
James and Suzanne Byrne
William and Eileen Byrus
Kevin and Mary Jane Cain
Raymond Calabrese
Paul and Julie Callaghan
Walter and Helene Callari
Laurel Calma
Jean Cameron
Catherine Cammallere
Craig and Jill Campbell
Mary and Robert Campbell
Can Do Sports Academy, Inc.
Shirley Canaan
Karen and Jaime Candanedo-Torres
David Cannata
Elizabeth Cannata
Nancy and Thomas Cantara
Paul Cantiani
Maureen and Christopher Cantwell
Beverly Capasso
Robert and Beverly Capasso
John and Caporale
Joseph and Christine Capozziello
Craig Capurso
Christopher and CathyAnn Caracappa
Kathleen Carius
Barbara Carl
Mario and Pamela Carloni
Michael and Joann Carpinello
Michael Carriger
James and Karen Carroll
June Carroll
Lawrence and Carol Ann Carroll
Patricia Carroll
Alice Carter
Lauren and Gary Casalveri
Janet Cascio
Anne and Nicholas Cascione
Gina Cascione
Jeanette Cascione
Nicholas and Anne Cascione
Conor Cassidy
Raymond and Anne Cassidy
David Castellani
Joan Castellano
Maria and Mark Caton
Tcho Caulker
Joseph Cavagnaro
William Cavagnaro
Linda Cavaliere
John Cavallo
Edward Caveney
CED Investigative Technologies, Inc.
Anthony A. Cernera
Robert and Claudette Challenor
The Charles Schwab Foundation
Matthew Charmello
Fred Chemidlin
Anthony and Margaret Chianese
Robert and Mariangela Chiaravalloti
Stephen and Kathleen Chimelski
Charles Chiodo, Jr.
Joseph Choiniere
Loretta and Anthony Chory
Karen Christensen
Thomas and Valerie Christian
William and Theodora Christopoulos
Francis and Donna Chudy
Deborah and Mark Chunka
Elizabeth and John Cifelli
John Cifelli
CIGNA Matching Gifts Program
Ben Cimmino
Cindy's Academy of Dance
Matilde and Antonio Cioffi
Diane and Robert Civitelli
Clarion Research
Ann Clark
Ann and Thomas Clifford
Kevin and Shari Coghill
Ann and David Cohen
Silverio and Patricia Colalancia
Christina Colalillo
Dino and Georgina Colalillo
Dana and Matt Colangelo
Janice Colao
Joshua and Melissa-Jean Cole
Bryan Coleman
Evelyn Collazo
James and Mary Collins
Donald and Lynnda Colombo
Michael and Annette Colombo
Robert Coloney
Eileen and Richard Combatti
Chris and Comeau
Edward and Barbara Comens
Michael Conley
Joseph Conlon
Mary Alice Conlon
William and Stephanie Connell
Gerard and Maureen Connelly
Alexandra and Kevin Connolly
Dorothea Connolly
Peter and Karen Conroy
Tracy and Joseph Conte
Joseph Conway
James and Verna Cook
Matthew Cook
Jean and Arthur Cooksey
Richard and MaryAnne Cool
Cindy and Thomas Cooper
Ellis and Cheryl Cooper
Maura Coppola
Anthony and Vera Corato
Michael and Paulette Coratolo
Mary Corkery
William Cornelius
Nancy Cornell
Peter and Barbara Correnty
Jonathan Corto
Louis Costantini
Robert and Robbi Costigan
Charles Coughlin
Cowan Financial Group
Linda and Tal Cowan
Lucy and Peter Cox
CPZ Architect's Inc.
Brian Cramer
Gina and Angelo Crecco
William and Carrie Crepeault
Eric Crepinsek
Patrick and Jean Cronan
Kelly and Timothy Cronin
Bronwyn Cross-Denny
Crosswynds Traders
Lee Crouch
Kevin and Valerie Crowley
CT Pest Elimination, Inc.
The CTM Media Charitable Foundation
Victoria Cubero
Barbara and Richard Cunningham
Thomas and Genevieve Cupolo
Jeffrey Curley
Maria and Richard Curtin
Richard and Katarina Curtis
Andrew Cutrone
Robert and Stacy D'Addario
Gerard and Carol Daley
Shannon E. Daley
Patricia Daly
MaryJane and Cyrus D'Amato
Fred and Judith D'Amico
Kevin and Maribeth Danby
Ellen and Emanuel Dander
Debbie Danowski
Frederick and Danowski
Andrea and Thomas D'Antonio
Maria and Luis DaSilva
Barbara and Wade Dauses
Sid Davidoff
Jimmy Davila
Ruth and James Davis
Thomas and Mary Davis
Juan Carlos de Yraolagoitia
Penny and Robert Dean
William Dean
Janis and Roland DeAngelis
Tracy and Mark Deaver
Greg DeCastros
Margaret and Karl DeCerce
Pasquale DeCicco and Kim Kozak-DeCicco
Tracy Deer-Mirek
Frank and Renee DeFalco
Laura and Robert DeGroot
Denise Deissler
Michael and Annamaria DeJulio
Francisco del Valle
AnnaMarie and Michael Dellafave
Anthony and Carmela DeLuca
Carol and H. Thomas DeLuca
Jim DeMaio
Lisa and Kevin Demaria Mayne
Susan and Richard DeNisco
Joseph and Debra DePasqua
Michelle and Richard Derer
Milton and Kathleen Derienzo
Cecily A. Derosa
Salvatore and Jean DeSimone
Clare DeStefano
Walter and Carol Deutsch
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Andrew Devany
Riley Devine
Peter and Margaret Dewolf
Ravi Dhingra
Charles and DiAntonio
Joseph DiAntonio
Elizabeth and Eric DiBartolo
Melissa DiBella
Eloise and Joseph DiCandido
Charles and Anna DiCenso
Richard and Judith Digiuseppe
Dan DiLauro
Eric and Kathy Dilks
Anthony Dillon
Peter and Catherine DiMartino
Robert and Lynn DiMartino
Valerie and John DiMauro
Rosa Dinoto
Louis and Karen Diprofio
Frank and Maria DiRenno
Claudine DiSario
Brian and Dianne DiStassio
DiStefano Builders LLC
Kenneth and Diane DiStefano
Dixon Golf, Inc.
James and Judy Dobiac
Edward and Joanne Dobransky
Christine and Michael Dodge
John and Thea Doherty
Joseph and Marylou Doherty
Rosetta Dolan
Sandra and Dean Dole
Paul and Marie Donahue
Stephen and Moreen Donahue
Katharine Donato
Barbara Donnellan
Shawn Donnelly
Daniel Dooley
Kathleen Dooley
David and Jayne Douglas
Dow DellaValle, LLC
Anne and Downing
The Downtown Pawn Shop
Lara and Brian Doyle
Suzanne and Sean Doyle
Brian and Meghan Drew
Harold and Linda Drowne
Sheila Du Bose
Liying Du
Elizabeth and Stephen Dubits
Louise DuBois
Carrie and Ronald Duke
David Duke
Ralph and Carol Dumican
Kwamie and Karen Dunbar
Alec Duncan
Donald and Priscilla Dunham
Angela Dunn
Richard and Jill Dupilka
Vincent and Kathleen Durante
Durkin Investment Group LLC
Anthony Durkin
James Duthie and Mary Hallahan
Christopher Duwart
Daniel Dymond
Cynthia Dzema
Douglas and Lynn Dzema
Gail and Matthew Dzialo
Walter and Monica Dzialo
The E.R. Hitchcock Co. Inc.
Early Contractors Inc.
Paula Eazor
Kent and Linda Eberg
Blake Edwards
Kalani Efstathiou
Nancy Eiseman
Elbow Beach Bermuda
Eli's Restaurant
Donald Ellison
Enco Transmissions, Inc.
Debra and Lance Endee
Elizabeth Erdos
Joseph and Diane Erdos
Joseph Erdos
Claire and Francis Ervin
ESC Control Electronics LLC
Lucio and Jean Esposito
Ewing Corp.
Executive Gift Solutions
Fairfield Inn By Marriott
Fairfield Police Union Local 550
Kedre and Darryl Fairley
Michelle and Philip Falcone
John and Ann Marie Falls
Paul and Caryl Falvey
Louise Faragallah
John and Josephine Farina
Anne Farley
William and Elizabeth Farley
Gordon Farlow
John and Catherine Farrell
Marc Fasano
Michael and Michele Fasano
Lisa and Samuel Faugno
Kathleen Faulkner
Joyce and Vincent Favorito
Vincent Favorito
Federated Mutual Insurance Company
Brian Feidt
Lynda and David Ferguson
Justin and Noel Fern
Stephen and Irene Ferranti
Lisa and Keith Ferrara
Chelsey Ferraro
Michael and Michelle Ferraro
Alice and Nuno Ferreira
Joseph and Elizabeth Ferreri
Anthony and Anna Maria Ferrone
Mary and Andrew Fetherman
Maureen and William Feury
Benjamin and Annette Fierro
Janice and Donald Filiere
Margaret Filo
Scott Finchler
Danielle and Al Finelli
Ernest and Karen Fini
John and Paula Finnegan
Allan and Angela Finney
Deanna Fiorentino and Kevin Lapointe
Ann Marie and Paul Fiscella
Thomas Fisher
Michelle Fitzell
Thomas Fitzell
Maureen and Gerald Fitzpatrick
William and Licia Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fletcher
Laurie and Francis Flint
Rodney and Cheryl Flores
Mary and John Fodera
Rene and Edward Foley
Shane Foley
Thomas and Suzanne Ford
Carol Forest
Christine and Vincent Formato
Cheryl and Frank Formicola
Philip Fornecker
Henry Foss
Jeanette Foster
Richard and Lani Foster
Heidi and Jen Foster-Cho
Rachel Fowler
Nola Francis
Patrick and Carol Francis
Mark Franco
Carol and Patrick Frattaroli
Steven and Aliza Freedman
Wade and Meghan Freeman
Wade and Margaret Freeman
Michael and Maria Friar
Ronald and Judith Friar
Mary and Frederic Fricke
Friends of Pittsford BVB
Cheryl and Michael Fritzlo
Taylor Froelich
Donald and Linda Fucci
Thomas and Donna Fulop
Robert and Mary Jo Fusaro
Anneliese Fuscaldo
Future Stars Sports Enterprise
Patricia Gabriel
Gail Monroe Inc.
Katie Gallagher
Timothy and Jill Galligan
David and Jessica Galligani
Catherine and Salvatore Gamba
Vincent and Dawn Gamba
Kathy and Brian Games
Joseph and Gloria Ganino
Matthew Gannon
Nancy and Dennis Gannon
Rolando and Genelle Garcia
Joseph Gargiulo
Jerrett Garner
Bryan and Linda Garone
Paul and Pamela Garrett
Joe and Nadine Garritano
Jon and Sharyl Garrity
Tracy and V. Garthwaite
Gartner Group, Inc.
Alyssa Garza
JoAnne Gatti-Petito
Daniel and Anca Gavriloiu
Grace and Gregg Geanuracos
Daniel Geiger
Pamela and Gelormini
Cynthia Gentile
James and Lisa Gentile
Georgetti's Market
Daniel German
William and Charlene Gerwien
GG's Wood Fired Pizza
Robert Ghini
John and Deborah Giambrone
Benjamin and Jackie Giamichael
Frank Giannini
Michael and Valerie Giarratano
Todd Gibbs
Bertram and Maryann Gill
William and Sharon Gilleran
Evan and Emily Gillette
Stephan and Christy Gilliam
Christopher and Kathy Gittleman
Robert and Patricia Gleeson
Robert Glick
Theodore and Ann Glowacky
Eric Goclowski
Mark and Shelly Godfrey
Gerald and Patricia Goehring
Gregory Golda
Jeffrey and Kathryn Goldfarb
Frank Golding
Maureen Gomez
Susan Goncalves
Mark Goodale
Joseph and Mary Goodman
James Gordon
John and Jeanne Gorham
Samantha Gosein
Matthew and Diana Gotthold
Ann Graham
James and Mary Granito
Joanne Grant Sicilia
Tanya Grant
Brian and Nancy Gray
Carla Gray
Martha and Clyde Gray
John Grayeski
Christopher and Nyliene Greco
Fiona Greeley
June-Ann Greeley and John Blossom
Ann Greene
Robert and Raffaelina Grestini
Alexander and Elizabeth Grieci
Erika Griffin
Ronald Grywalski
Carol Guastelle
David Frappier and Sandra Guerrera- Frappier
Francis and Joan Guerrera
Francis and Judith Guerrera
Marilyn Guerrera
William and Doreen Guerrero
Michael and Kathleen Guerrisi
Frank and Irma Guinto
Andrew and Tracy Gurda
David Gurda
Elaine and John Gurrieri
Patrick and Jennifer Hackett
Lavina Haller
David and Michelle Hamilton
James and Maureen Hance
Thomas and Carole Hancock
Robert and Lisa Handfield
Marie and Kenneth Hanlon
Ryan Hardy
Alan and Helen Harnsberger
Joseph Harris
Michael and Patricia Harris
Harry's Wine & Liquor Market
Barbara Hartshorn
William Harvey
Amy and Matthew Hatlee
Kenneth and Maureen Hatlee
Randolph Haus
Albert Hay
Betsy and Dan Hayden
Emily Hayes
Gregory Hazell
Charlene and Earl Heffernan
Velma Heller
Mark and Diane Hellriegel
Lisa Hellstrom
Charles and Carol Hemenway
Donald Hennigan
John Henry
Colleen and David Herbert
Joan and Paul Herman
Kurt and Lindsey Herthum
Stephen and Robin Hetherman
Jon Heyman
Greg and Kim Hickey
Valencia and Terry Hiebert
Jonathan Higgins
Dorothy Hinson
Kenneth and Catherine Hitchcock
Hockey Gear
Hockey Hall of Fame Brookfield Place
Kathie and Lawrence Hoffman
Debra Hogan
Honig Conte Porrino Insurance Agency, Inc.
John and Susan Hoover
Brian Hopkins
Janet and Gregory Horton
Madelaine and Joseph Howe
Bradley and Patricia Howes
Mary and Robert Hoyt
Les Hrapchak
Sandra and William Hrnciar
Kyle Hublitz
James Hughes
David and Joan Huntington
Olivia Hurd
Deborah and James Hutch
Sally and Dennis Huysman
Gary Hyde
Mary Hyde
Gilda and Michael Iadevaia
Joseph and Kathryn Iannotti
David Ifkovic
Deborah and Philip Iglesias-Bregna
Brian and Janel Ihlefeld
Therese and Fenumiai Ilalio
Mark Improta
Dayna Interlandi
Paul and Margaret Interlandi
Theresa Iride
Sonia Isaacs
Stephen and Mary Isherwood
Marc Izzo
J.G. Corp.
Corinne and Steven Jacovino
Rebecca Jadach
Maria James
Mark Janoska
Cheryl Janus
Deborah and Ronald Jaquith
William Jelley
Jacqueline Jensen
Edwin and Linda Jergensen
William and Johannes
John A. Maguire Real Estate, LLC
Cathy and Lance Johnson
Eric and Tracy Johnson
John and Allison Johnson
Judith Johnson
Lori and Phillip Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Charles and Kathleen Johnston
Lionel and Dana Jorge
Kevin and Jennifer Joyce
JP Printing
Jocelynn Jurkovich-Hughes and Christopher Hughes
Karen and Andrew Kachele
Anton and Anne Kaeslin
Nicholas Kampf
Nicholas Kapoor
Edward and Maura Karl
Thomas Karoff
Donald and Mary Kaszanek
Darcy Katris
Richard and Norine Katz
Daniel and Tracy Katzbek
Tracy and Daniel Katzbek
Matthew Kaye
Joan Kayser
Kathleen Keane-Mahar and Martin Mahar
Christopher Kearns
Keefe Funeral Homes, Inc.
Megan Keefe
Patrick Keevins
Scott and Kristina Keller
Adam and Diane Kellogg
David and Gail Kellogg
Ann and Wayne Kelly
Helga Kelly
Lou Ann and James Kelly
Morgan Kelly
Denise and Theodore Kelman
Russell and Davina Kemp
Ronald Kemperle
Gary and Ariel Kenajian
Irene and William Kennedy
Therese and Anthony Kepler
Benjamin Ketchum
Karl and Sharlene Kieslich
Michael Killeen
Jason and Nancy King
Kathleen and David King
Matthew King
Judith Kirane
Kevin and Kathleen Kirby
Barbara and William Kittler
Maureen and William Kittler
Jeff Klarman
John and Leslie Klarman
Kristine Klarman
Mary and Stuart Klarman
Marnie and Stephen Klebart
Alexandra Kleeman
Christine and Barry Kleeman
John Klein
Michelle and Michael Klemenz
Steve Kokoni and Carol Augustis-Kokoni
Andrew Kolar
Theodore and Susan Kontos
Michael Koritko
Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, P.C.
Susan and Michael Koval
Michael Kraft
Susan Krass
Joan Krchnavy
Karen Kroeppel
Stephanie and John Krupski
Michael Kuchar
Jo-Ann and John Kuney
Toni Ann and Gregory Kunze
Thomas and Joan Kuser
Noreen and Paul Kusheba
Ed and May Kycia
L & R Power Equipment Co, Inc.
Deborah and Michael LaBella
Francesca and Joseph Lacerenza
The Hon. Jeanne LaFazia
Louis LaLuna
Meredith Lammens-Mahmood and Qamar Mahmood
Elizabeth Lammers
Steven and Linda Lamphear
Eleanor and John Landers
Landscape Studio Design, Inc.
Robert and Cathy Lang
Catherine and Thomas Langdon
Thomas and Catherine Langdon
Thomas Langdon
Christine Lange
William and Diane Lange
Donna and Joe Lanza
Mellissa Laparre
James and Kristine LaPerriere
Roger and Lynda LaPierre
Norma Lariviere
Marcelle Larobina
Michael Larobina
Stephen and Monica LaRose
Wayne Larose
Christine and Vincent Lattuga
Bethany Lauer
Corey Laurysen
Andrew Lausier
Christopher and Helen Lavoie
John and Isabel Leiriao
Jean Leonetti
Lois and James Libby
John Libertine
Liberty Rock Subway
Christopher Lieby
Stephen and Mary Lilley
Ralph Lim
E. Bonnie Lindsay
Valerie Lionetti
Michael Lipsett
Sandra and Francis Liquindoli
Peter Listl
Robert and Nancy Little
Ellen and Paul Litwinovich
Victor and Carmelina Liuzzo
Lluch Fire & Safety Co. Inc.
Joao and Marlene Lobato
Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program
Donna and John Loehner
John and Donna Loehner
Felicia Lofaro
Frank and Misty Logosh
Robert Lombardi
Noel and Justin Looser Fern
Susan and Nuno Lopes
Richard and Elizabeth Lopez
John Lopresti
Bradford and Cheryl Lord
Carolyn Losure
Beth and James Love
Viola Lovello
Michael and Agnes Luberti
Dana and Matthew Lucas
Colleen Luckie
Elizabeth Luckie
Adrienne Luongo
Aaron T. Lupo
Mindaugas and Jessica Lydeka
Alesha and William Lynch
Dineen Lyons
MAC Speciality Foods LLC
Anthony and Maggie Macari
Dean and Elisa Macchio
Terrence MacConnell
Joan MacDonald
Patricia and Scott MacDonell
Michelle Maceira
Diane and Jesper Mackeprang
Karen and Richard Mackessy
Timothy and Chastity Mackessy
Debra and Raymond Macolino
Chase Macula
Daniel and Anne Madden
Sheryl Madison
John and Kim Magliocchetti
Robert and Debbie Maguire
Patricia Maher
Sally Maher
Monica Maia
Chris Mandas
Kimberly Mangan
Jessica Mannetti
Debra and Nick Manolios
Gina and Peter Manos
Maple Ridge Animal Clinic LLC
Scott and Gloria Marcello
Susan and Edward Marchelitis
Kevin and Diana Marino
Richard and Gina Marino
Dolores Marks
Marlow Tool Company
Donna and William Marlow
Claire Marquardt
Gaetano Marra
Carmen Morales and Enrique Marrero-Morales
Robert and Michelle Marsanico
Robert Marsh
Rosalie Marsico
Ross Martel
Marie Martello
Rosa and Anthony Martello
Ellen Martin
Peter Martin
Maria Martinez
Jessica Martino
Jean Martins
Manny and Michele Martins
Dawn Marzik
Kenneth Marzik
Vincent Masi
Paul and Mary Massey
Mildred Mastrion
Mary and Christopher Mathon
Chris Matthiessen
Raymond and Kathleen Maurer
Robin Maurio
Justine Mauriol
Maxum Cigars
Kevin and Lisa Mayne
Michael and Kimberly Mazzeo
James and Karen McCabe
Terry and Philip McCabe
Carol and David McCarthy
Laurence and Barbara McCarthy
Margaret and William McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Paul and Mary McCarthy
Sharon and McCartney
Sharon McCaughey
Gerald and Alice McCloghry
Kevin McCrain
Kris McDonald
Shawn McDonough
Lori-Jo McEwan
Eileen McGarry
Rondianne and Steven McGinn
Matthew and Elizabeth McGreevy
Janet and Joseph McGuckin
Jennifer McGuckin
Joseph and Donna McGuckin
Jessica McGuigan
Karen and James McGuigan
Ronnie McIntire
The McKane Group, Inc.
Tracey McKillop
Dana and Bruce McKinney
Carol and Gerald McLean
Dani and Robert McLeod
Christine McMahon
Victoria McMahon
Arthur and Linda McNally
Barbara McNeill
Terrence and Kelly-Beth McNicholas
Linda McNiff
Kathryn and Lawrence McQuaid
Candace Meader
Arthur Medeiros
Alonzo Meek
Philip and Rosanna Menache
Margaret Mendence
Thomas Mendiburu
Marjorie and David Mendillo
Paul and Francine Mengold
Ernest and Pauline Mercier
Keira Merrill
Tony Mesa
MetLife Foundation
Colleen Meyer
Vincent and Miceli
Michael T. Friar Attorney At Law
Charlene Micklus
Anca and Daniel Micu
Mike Riccio Sports LLC
Thomas and Janet Milek
Milford Environmental Protection Initiative
Trigona and Carlo Mililli
William and Agnes Milinis
Bridget and Glenn Miller
Joyce and Walter Miller
Marilyn Miller
Anthony and Josephine Milone
Jeffrey and Marie Minner
Heather Mitchell
Kathryn and Russell Mitchell
Michele and Dominick Modugno
Michael and Betty Moher
Joseph and Susan Mola
G. Thomas Mollo
Patricia Mollo
Ruth Mollo
Gail Monroe
Barbara Moore
Robert and Marsha Moore
Wesley Moore
Amanda and Moras
Kathleen and Richard Moreau
Patsy and Marie Moretti
Morgan Stanley
Peter Mormino
Karen and Dean Morris
Nancy and Jeffrey Morris
Christian Morrison
Robert and Joan Morrissey
Johndell Mota
Kevin and Barbara Moyer
Mike and Angela Moylan
Kathleen Mulheran
Marjorie and Bryan Mullen
Jeffrey and Erica Muller
William Mumper
Alfred and Pamela Munoz
Ryan Murdoch
Charles and Karen Murphy
Kristin and Philip Murphy
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy-Santino
Thomas and Marilyn Murray
Anastasia and Peter Nakos
Mark Nani
Paul and Shannon Napolitano
Maureen and William Nardiello
Karan Narula
National Hockey League
Robert and Jennifer Nealon
Gerald and Maureen Neipp
Elric and Gertrude Nelson
Matthew Nemeth
Network for Good
New York Life Insurance Co.
Carol and Philip Newton
Next Generation Enterprises LLC
NFP Sports
Katrina Nichols
Michael and Kimberly Nicholson
Margaret and Rudolf Niedermeier
Eva and Robert Nies
William and Elaine Nimons
Elizabeth and Raymond Noel
Raymond Noel
Mark and Julia Nofri
Susan Nolte
Richard and Lynn Nolting
John Noonan
Helen and Alan Noonan-Harnsberger
Anthony and Karen Nordland
Nor'east Architectural Antiques, LLC
Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School
Novo Nordisk Inc.
Karen and Mitchell Nowicki
Nugent Properties
Niall Nugent
Antoinette and Richard Nutile
Rosemarie and Robert Nutile
O & G Industries Inc.
Matthew Obuck
Sheran Ochs
Cheryl and E. James O'Connor
Mary and John O'Connor
Shaun O'Hare
Erik and Theresa Olson
Kevin O'Malley
Margaret and James O'Neill
Maureen and James O'Neill
Robert and Lisa O'Neill
Tricia and O'Neill
The Opin Law Firm
Eric Opin
The Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center
David and Gina Orticelli
Andrea Ostrowski
Joy and Jamie Ouellette
Edward and Marian Owens
Kathryn Owens
Philip and Theresa Ozuah
P&G Fund Matching Gift Program
Steven and Timi Paccioretti
Victoria Pacher
Christopher and Jeanne Paige
Stephanie Palermo
Steven and Eileen Palermo
Rupendra Paliwal
Linda-Jo and Salvatore Pallotto-Russo
Bryan Palmer
Nancy and Louis Palumbo
David and Barbara Panico
Constantine Papademetriou
Katina and Costa Papademetriou
Roger Parent
John and Raffaele Parmenter
Jeffrey and Brittany Parry
Jonathan Parsons
PartnerRe U.S.
Scott and Diane Partridge
Parts Life Inc.
Sam and Miledolph Parvelus
Daniel and Shannon Pascone
George Pastorok
Antoinette and Omar Patino
Robert Patrignelli
Paul F. Cantiani Insurance Agency, Inc.
Shirley Pavone
Gail and Thomas Pawloski
Georgette and Kenneth Payne
Fred Pazmino
Debbie Pechnik
Mary Ellen Peloso
Michele and Joseph Peloso
Joyce and Cyril Pelster
Kelly and Victor Pelster
William and Linda Pencek
Eileen and Dennis Pepitone
Kristen Pepitone
Jeff Peras
Carmen Perez
Luis Perez
Luis Carlos Perez
Nicole Perry
Stephen and Denise Perry
William Perry
Lillian and Joseph Pesce
Glenn and Denise Petelle
Tammy Petrucelli
Lawrence and Cynthia Pezzullo
Pfizer Foundation
Eileen and Richard Picinich
Jillian Picinich
Lillian and Carlo Picinich
Susan and Ralph Pignatelli
Pam Pillo-Santos
Diana and Kevin Pils Marino
Edward Pinto
John and Patricia Pinto
John Piper
Richard and Debra Piper
Nancy and Antonio Pires
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Richard and Theresa Podguski
Ann and Theodore Pokalsky
Paul Pokalsky
Andrew Polidore
Eileen and Steven Pollet
Harry Pomeranz
Shannon and Stephanie Pons
Dena Porto
Michael and Cindi Posch
Peter Prairie
Ann Pratson
Helen and Ted Prescott
Peter Prescott
John and Cheryl Priano
Britany Price
Kenneth Price
John and Linda Provost
Prudential Foundation
Christopher and Nancy Pulito
Scott Pullman
Susan Pulos
John and Lisa Pupa
Arielle Purcell
Push The Envelope
Monica Quesada
John and Jeanne Quigley
George and Iris Quijano
Blanca Quinde
Katherine Quinn
Mackenzie Quinn
Patricia and David Quinn
Joel and Virginia Quintong
R. C. Bigelow, Inc.
Judith and Michael Raia
Rainbow Cleaners
Elizabeth Ramsauer
Mark Ramsay
Traci and Ronald Rankel
Tracy Rappa
Carol and Michael Rasovic
Cynthia Ray
Paula Rebucci
Natalino and Nancy Recine
Redgate Town Car Service, LLC
Tom Redgate
Jacqueline Reed
Ronald and Joy Reho
Gerald and Mary Reid
Bette and Thomas Reilly
Rosemary Reilly
Thomas Reilly
Thomas and Bette Reilly
Brian Rembisz
Resco Holdings, LLC
Hector and Denise Reyes
Millicent Reynolds
Janice and Michael Rezuke
Kathryn Rezuke
Theresa and Richard Rhatigan
Susan Rice
William and Christine Rich
Richard J. Wackell Insurance
Jeff Richard
Kyle and Kristin Richard
Victor and Andrea Richel
Sally Richmond
Susan and Kenneth Rieck
Joseph Rietano
Jacquleen Riley
Patricia and David Rist
Michelle and Richard Rivelli
Caridad Rivera
Heather Rivera
Terry and Allen Rivera
David and Lisa Robbins
James and Barbara Robertson
Robinson Family Trust
David and Dolores Robinson
Dominic Roca
Al Rocco
Patricia Roche
Brenda and Juan Rodriguez
The Hon. Eddie and Cheryl Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez
Joe Rokosz
Jacinth Rosa
Michael Rosata
Carl Ross
James and Denise Ross
Carl and Gail Rossi
Kimberly Rosso-Morovich and Michael Morovich
Richard and Krystyna Roth
Melissa-Jean and Joshua Rotini
Annie Rouquie
Elizabeth Roy
Nan and Richard Ruben
Stephen and Susan Ruscak
Carol Rush
Robert Rushton
Mamie and Matthew Russo
Salvatore and Linda-Jo Russo
Stephanie Russo
John Ruzicka
Jacqueline Ryan
Marialice Ryan
Thomas and Kathleen Ryan
Paul Rychlik
Mark and Marzena Rydzewski
David and Mary Ann Ryer
Sacred Heart School
Lisa and Thomas Sadler
Timothy Sadowski
Kelly and Steven Salah
Ann Salisbury
Deborah and Peter Samilenko
Robert Sampieri
Scott Sampson
Roscoe and Sheila Samuel
Charles and Laurita Samuels
Anna Marie Samulis
David and Marilyn Sanclemente
Vincent and Jeanine Santilli
Anthony and Anne Santini
Anthony Santino
Ann-Marie and Kevin Saranich
Jean Marie and Peter Saro
Ann and Theodore Satagaj
Saveway Tire of Stratford, Inc.
Nicholas and Kaitlin Savino
Anthony Scavone
Andrea and Peter Schafer
Sally and Joseph Schettino
Brenda Schifano
Mary Ellen and Ronnie Schild
Alla Schlate
Georgene Schmidt
Maria Schoonbeek
Geoffrey and Judith Schubert
Joan and William Schumann
Schwabby's Wine & Spirits, Inc.
Pamela and Stuart Schwartz
Michael-Jon and Jessica Sciamanna
Dean Scinto
Carol and John Scorpa
Cheryl Seaman
John and Lucille Sekara
Timothy Sells
Gregory Semancik
Patricia and Jeffrey Semancik
Paula Sendar
Nicholas Sentementes
Anthony and Linda Sepe
Leonard and Jenine Serritella
Stephanie Seymour
Anthony Sgro
Bryan Shalvoy
Shamrock Bookkeeping
Susan and Stephen Shanley
Robert Shaw
Susan and Robert Shaw
Caren and Joseph Shea
Daniel and Patricia Sheehan
James Sheridan
Christopher Sherman
Ramona Sherman-Elmer
E. Daniel and Sung Shim
Michael and Tina Shine
Michael and Wendi Shook
Shoreline Physical Therapy Services
Dean and Sharon Short
Donalyn and Thomas Sialiano
Nicole Sidor
Daniel and Dyan Sierra
Christian and Jennifer Sifuentes
Sigma Consulting Group
Diana and Kevin Silvar
Pauline and William Silvia
Mary Skarzynski
Robert and Patricia Skattum
Basil Skelos
Michael Skovran
Thomas and Laurie Small
Ann Marie and Smith
Julie and Edward Smith
Michael Smith
Phyllis and Daniel Smolanick
Barbara Snitselaar
Joan and Louis Sodano
Michael Sonido
Gordon Soper
Francine and Valentino Sorrento
James and Alice Sostarich
Southeast Coast Holdings LLC
Southern Connecticut Dental Group, PC
Southwest Construction Services, Inc.
Douglas Soviero
John Spadafina
Spec Mix
Desiree and Dean Speranza
Anthony Sperduto
Thomas Sperger
Earl and Suzanne Spinelli
Julie Spivack
SPS New England, Inc.
St. Edward Confessor RC Church
St. Louis Blues - Scottrade Center
Stanley Fastening
John and Laverna Stanton
Lola and Edward Stanton
Michael and Karin Stanton
Stephen and Linda Staples
State Street Matching Gift Program
Timothy Stein
Charles and Roseann Stepnowski
Charlene and David Stevens
Judy Stevens
Dezroy Stewart
Brian and Ann Stiltner
Louis and Gisella Stober
Nancy Stoeffler and Cynthia Warnken
Alice and John Stokes
Robert and Eileen Stokes
Frederick and Norellen Stokley
Catherine Stone
Kenneth and Jennifer Stone
EveAnne Stouch
Richard Suarino
John Sulentic
Doreen Sullivan
Eugene Sullivan
James Sullivan
Janet and Thomas Sullivan
Katherine Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Susan and James Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
Donald and Mary Ann Surprenant
Albert and Swain
Terence and Louise Szanto
Susan and Brian Szewczyk
T.Z. Watches
Kevin and Maryann Tait
Judy and Keiji Takasago
Kenneth and Jennifer Talentino
Robert Tallman
Mark Tammone
Lawrence Taplah
John Philip and Ana Maria Targia
Lyn and Rock Tate
Robin and John Taubl
Lee Tauck
Carol Tavernite
Luanne Tavernite
Lynn Tayler
David Taylor
Michael and Helen Taylor
Nancy Telford
Dina Terribile
Jane Testa
James Tetro
Teresa Thetford
Thomas E. Wisnieski CPA PC
Cheryl and Ellis Thomas
Thompson Chiropractic Center PC
Maggie Thompson
Valerie and Brett Thompson
Allison and Euan Thomson
Mary and Nelson Thomson
Lucia and John Thorme
Dianne and Geoff Tiernan
Titan Roofing, Inc.
Jeanine and William Tolli
Jill Tomasello
Tommy's Tanning, Inc.
Sheila Toner
Jason Torey
Edward and Patricia Torriero
Novella and Robert Tortorella
William and Margorite Trickett
Michelle and M. Todd Tripucka
Carole and Peter Trombley
Donna and Michael Trommelen
Christina Trudeau
Meghan Tucker
Robert and Bridgette Tullonge
Tyco Matching Gifts Program
Dennis Tycz
Bonnie and Kenneth Tyrrell
UBS Emplopyee Giving Program
Mitchell and Graceann Unger
The United Illuminating Company-Employee Giving
United Technologies
Lana and Cecil Ursprung
Mark Uyeno
John and Carol Vagnini
Robert and Alberta Vagnini
Jay and Mary Valade
Maureen and John Valente
Valiquette Goaltending LLC
Stephen Valiquette
Barbara Valk
Valley Communications System
Judite and Kirk Vamvakides
Karen and Joseph Varco
Michael and Colleen Vaughan
Vazzy's Brick Oven Pizza
Justin and Debbie Venech
Michael Ventimiglia
Idelis Verona
Robert and Barbara Verrastro
Kathryn Vigue
Vikrok Associates Corp.
Vincent Esposito Financial Consultants
Carol Anne and Scott Vincini
John and Debra Vion
Virtual Studio Systems
Dennis and Elaine Vlahakis
Daniel Volpe
Daniel and Michele Volpe
Heather and Scott vonFischer
Emily Vosburgh
John Voss
Mary Voytek
Regina and Edward Vrabel
W.S. Clancy Memorial Funeral Home
Douglas and Ramona Wade
Karen Wade
Albert Wakin
Thaddeus and Barbara Walewski
Mercedes E. Walker
Wall Street Abstract
George and Jodi Wallis
Jodi and George Wallis
Diane and Daniel Walsh
James Walsh
Mary Walsh and Gerard Walsh
Pamela and Ed Walsh
Peter and Linda Ward
Richard Wargo
James and Susan Warner
Cynthia and Nancy Warnken
Gabrielle Washington
Mia Washington
William Watson
Garth and Denise Weil
Andrew Weinfeld
Daniel Weinreb
Jody and Kendell Weldon
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Peter and Linda Wells
Sarah Wells
Gracemarie and Andrew Welter
Frederick Wendte
Joanne and Jeffry Wengroff
Deborahan Westwood
Dennis and Eileen Whalen
Maurice and Whalen
Michael M. Whalen
Phyllis Whalen
Valencia White
Whitesboro Football Alumni
Whitie Bensen Athletic Equipment Inc.
Rachel Whitmore
Lawrence and Kathleen Wielk
Louise Wilcox
Ruth Wilde
Robert Wilkinson
Caroline and Randolph Williams
Jacqueline and Williams
Norbert and Suzanne Williamson
Andrea Wilson
Brett Wilson
Thomas and Denise Wisnieski
Jill and Robert Witcomb
Kenneth Wolosz
Christopher Wolpert
Christine Woodbine
Janet Wornham
Christa Wranovski
Ann Wright
Bill Wright
Philip and Juliana Wright
Dennis Wuestkamp
Carey Wunsch
Steven and Jacqueline Wydra
Maria and Evangelos Xenakis
Patricia Yacik
William and Brenda Yarish
Kathy and John Yavorka
Catherine Yocum
Edward Young
Lisa and Martin Young
John Yura
Martha and Walter Zacharczyk
Diane Zalewski
Susan and Kevin Zaremba
Caterina and James Zdrowski
Anthony Zeltser
Yvette and Anthony Zembrzuski
Mark Zenkus
Paul and Pamela Zerbinopoulos
Cheryl and Robert Zimmerman
Christopher and Kim Zimmerman
Teri and Thomas Zions