Thank you to our Parents

Nancy and Jorge Abascal
Ana Aborlleile
Alexia and Joel Abrams
Carol and Michael Abruzzese
Manuel and Nativdad Acevedo
Kimberley and Joseph Ackerson
Lucille and Edward Adamec
Rose and Arthur Aglieco
Michael and Lisa Agolia
Joseph Akpanikat
Michelle and Frank Alaimo
Nick and Karen Albanese
William and Anne-Marie Albano
Carmella and Frank Albergo
Despina and Henry Albulescu
Paul and Laura Alessandrini
Rocco and Filomena Alessandro
Michael and Lisa Alfieri
Joseph and Lisa Ali
John and Elizabeth Allen
Veronique Allen-Hazell
Joseph and Helena Almeida
Robert and Elisabeth Almerini
Angela Altavilla
Henry and Audrey Altepeter
John and Julie Alves
Konstantinos and Athena Amaxas
Antonio and Jeanne Ambrosio
Renee and Gregory Anastasio
Mario and Marybelle Andreoli
Camille and Gregory Andriunas
John and Cecilia Antimisiaris
Karen and Efrem Antler
Leslie Antolini
Neil and Lori Appelberg
Michael and Mae Archacki
Richard and Susanne Arcuri
Lance and Karen Aronson
August and Lisa Arrigo
Janet and Alexander Artesani
Thomas and Dawn Astram
Leonard and Amy Astrauskas
Darlene and Patrick Auguste
Darren and Anne Ault
Michael Austin
Leigh and Nicola Avella
Debra Avena
Frank Avena
Stephen and Lynne Avveduti
Thomas and Noreen Awad
JoAnn Awe
Alex and Karina Ayzenberg
Randall and Shelly Backus
Steven and Rebecca Badger
David and Lynn Baillargeon
Frank and Jeri Balbo
Michael and Linda Ball
Lawrence and Loriann Baranauskas
Patricia and John Baratta
David and Tina Barbar
Salvatore and Jacqueline Barberi
Lynne and Stephen Barnard-Avveduti
Kenneth and Ellen Barney
Richard and Margaret Barrett
Michael and Theresa Barry
Theresa and Michael Barry
Louis and Mary Ann Bartoli
Alexandra Bartonik
Arthur and Joanne Bartosch
Raymond and Lydia Bartoszek
Elvira and Dominic Battista
Scott and Cathy Baur
John and Carolyn Bean
Gary and Barbara Beauchamp
Holly and Dean Beauchesne
Gerard Beirne
William and Jacqueline Belezos
Victor and Theresa Bellavia
John and Donna Bent
Dawn Bentivegna
Kevin and Claudia Bergen
Robert and Marilyn Berghorn
William and Martha Bergman
Elaine Best
Stephen and Janet Betts
Edward and Anna Bialczak
Gary and Kathleen Bianchi
Judith Bianco
John and Merrian Bianculli
Frederika Bikakis-Hajian
Judith and David Bike
Joseph and Anne Marie Bilynsky
Sina and Matthew Binkowitz
Gregory and Elizabeth Bisson
Richard and Theresa Bissonnette
Laura Bivona
Edward and Linda Blanchette
Arthur and Margaret Blank
James and Mary Blatus
Pamela and Paul Blodgett
Thomas and Shauna Bloomquist
Beverly and Paul Boehmke
Cindy and Daniel Bohl
Daniel and Cindy Bohl
Stephen and Lillian Bolduc
Paul and Stefania Bonanni
Christopher and Karen Bongo
John and Brenda Boolukos
Joseph and Jennifer Bordonaro
Deborah and Claudio Borea
Amy and Harry Bortner
Gary and Lynn Borzillo
Mary and Thomas Bouchard
Diane and Bouplon
Lynn and James Bowe
Arthur H. and Doreen Boyd
Benoit and Sonia Boyer
Lori and William Boylan
Mark and Margaret Boyle
John and Donna Bragel
Louis and Kathleen Brandofino
Richard and Susan Bray
Daniel and Karen Breen
Robert and Cynthia Breen
Philip and Deborah Bregna
Denise Brennan
Glenn and Marsha Brielmann
Kathleen and Kevin Brigley
Kim and Dean Broglin
Dorothy and Christopher Brown
Mary Ann Brown
Michael and Pamela Brown
Regina Brown
Sean and Regina Brown
Terri and Todd Brown
Timothy and Alicia Brown
Todd and Terri Brown
Kerry and Gregory Brucato
Anthony and Donna Bruno
George Bruno and Mary Sullivan-Bruno
Joseph and Christina Bruno
Susan and James Buchner
Gerald and Lorraine Buffalino
Elisabeth and Kevin Buley
Irene Buonaccorsi
Glenn and Lynn Burek
Karen Burke
Stephen Burke
Garfield and Marva Burrell
Henry and Terri Butler
Lynne and Kenneth Butterworth
James and Suzanne Byrne
William and Eileen Byrus
Concetta Cadella
Curtis and Lisa Cahill
Lynn and Santo Caiozzo
Anthony and Ellen Calandra
Peter and Carol Calcagni
Richard and Sharon Calitro
Craig and Jill Campbell
John and Jacqueline Campoli
Caryn and Dean Canalia
Karen and Jaime Candanedo-Torres
David Cannata
Elizabeth Cannata
Ellen and Eric Cantos
Maureen and Christopher Cantwell
Anthony and Meaghan Capobianco
Joseph and Christine Capozziello
Christopher and CathyAnn Caracappa
Gina and Carmignani
Heather Carolan
Joseph and Missy Carrier
Julie Carrier
Heather and Joseph Carusone
Anne and Nicholas Cascione
Nicholas and Anne Cascione
Ellen Casey
Pamela and Kevin Cassidy
Joan Castellano
Albert and Diane Castelli
Candice and John Castro
Edward J. Caveney
Kathleen and Michael Cerchia
Robert and Claudette Challenor
Marcia and David Chaloux
Richard and Elaine Charbonnier
Onithe Chella
David and Cora Chemidlin
Robert and Mariangela Chiaravalloti
Stephen and Laure Childers
Stephen and Kathleen Chimelski
Charles and Joan Chittick
Bernard and Audrey Chmiel
Edward and Margaret Choiniere
Vinay and Sonal Christian
William and Theodora Christopoulos
Deborah and Mark Chunka
Joanna and Angelo Ciambriello
Elizabeth and John Cifelli
Ralph and Maryann Cioffari
Matilde and Antonio Cioffi
Anthony and Diane Citerella
Dawn Clancy
Antonieta and Paul Coffaro
Kevin and Shari Coghill
Ann and David Cohen
Donna and Matthew Cohen
Steven and Maureen Cohen
Debra and Mark Colandrea
Michelle and Kevin Cole
Nancy and Frank Coletta
Marie and William Collins
Donald and Lynnda Colombo
Michael and Annette Colombo
Edward and Barbara Comens
Michael Conley
Alexandra and Kevin Connolly
Petra and Frank Conte
Tracy and Joseph Conte
Douglas and Kathleen Cook
James and Margaret Cooksey
Darlene and Kevin Cooney
Thomas and Kelly Coppola
Deborah and William Coppotelli
Anthony and Vera Corato
Michael and Paulette Coratolo
Joseph and Pamela Correia
Linda and Ricardo Correia
Diane and Michael Correnty
Mark and Michele Corrice
Gina and Raymond Corriea
Jeff and Dawn Corsello
Francis Costa
Robert and Robbi Costigan
John and Lucille Cote
Sandra and Ian Cotterell
Lucy and Peter Cox
Gina and Angelo Crecco
William and Carrie Crepeault
Richard and Carol Crescenzo
Blaise and Sandra Cresciullo
Canice and John Cristofoletti
Debra and David Cron
Patrick and Jean Cronan
Kelly and Timothy Cronin
James and Diane Crosby
Gabriel and Elsa Cruz
John and Lauren Csordas
Isabella Cuccurese
John and Cornelia Culici
John and Lisa Culkin
Sharon and Kevin Cunningham
Thomas and Genevieve Cupolo
Karen and Kieran Curley
Maria and Richard Curtin
John and Nancy Cusmano
Robert and Stacy D'Addario
Gerard and Carol Daley
John and Geralyn Dallo
Kevin and Maribeth Danby
Andrea and Thomas D'Antonio
Maria and Luis DaSilva
Barbara and Wade Dauses
Sonia Davila
Ruth and James Davis
Thomas and Mary Davis
Jerrold and Patricia Day
Penny and Robert Dean
Janis and Roland DeAngelis
Nicholas and Sarah Decas
Barbara and Robert Decesare
Pasquale DeCicco and Kim Kozak-DeCicco
Frank and Renee DeFalco
Mary and Albert DeFalco
Sharon and Thomas DeFeo
Patrick and Andrene Defilippo
Laura and Robert DeGroot
Denise Deissler
Michael and Annamaria DeJulio
Christopher and Sharon Delaney
Anthony and Carmela DeLuca
Lisa and Kevin Demaria Mayne
Marylou DeMaria
John and Gretchen DeMattia
William and Maura Demers
Susan and Richard DeNisco
Milton and Kathleen Derienzo
Carol Desalvo-Recchia
Marc and Denise Deschamps
Isabel and Daniel DeSousa
Walter and Carol Deutsch
Nicole Deveau
Robert and Christine Devir
Peter and Margaret Dewolf
Mary and Dennis DiBella
Jean and James Dick
Denise DiGiorgi
Richard and Judith Digiuseppe
Michael and Christine Dill
Peter and Catherine DiMartino
Robert and Lynn DiMartino
Valerie and John DiMauro
Robert DiNapoli
Robert and Catherine Dion
Louis and Karen Diprofio
Frank and Maria DiRenno
Julie and Edward Dix
James and Judy Dobiac
Christine and Michael Dodge
John and Thea Doherty
Sean and Barbara Doherty
Rosetta Dolan
Steven and Susan Dolan
Sandra and Dean Dole
Donna and Richard Dombrowski
Laurie and Frank Donato
Mary and Joseph D'Onofrio
Thomas and Carolyn Doodian
Daniel Dooley
Anne and Downing
Lara and Brian Doyle
Peter and Karen Doyle
Suzanne and Sean Doyle
Karen and Darin Droste
Harold and Linda Drowne
Lori and David Dubbioso
David and Tracy Dube
Elizabeth and Stephen Dubits
Earl and Ann Dugan
Carrie and Ronald Duke
Dreena Dulin
Jane and Robert Dumas
Ralph and Carol Dumican
Thomas and Lisa Dumond
Kwamie and Karen Dunbar
Marva and Garfield Duncan
Vincent and Kathleen Durante
James Duthie and Mary Hallahan
Andrew and Luigina Duval
Kimberly and Timothy Duven
Rosario and Bienvenido Dy
Charlene and Robert Dybas
Douglas and Lynn Dzema
Gail and Matthew Dzialo
Karen and Peter Easton
Alfred and Lisa Eaton
Kent and Linda Eberg
Debra and Lance Endee
Beverly and Brian English
Frances and James English
Joseph and Diane Erdos
Lucio and Jean Esposito
Theresa and Mark Evans
Jane and Marc Fabrizio
Kedre and Darryl Fairley
Michelle and Philip Falcone
Paul and Caryl Falvey
Teresa Fang
Kristine and Nadim Farhat
Mary and Albert Farina
William and Elizabeth Farley
Gordon Farlow
Brenda and John Farnsworth
John and Catherine Farrell
John and Avgerini Fazio
Maria and Salvatore Febbraro
Camille and Robert Fee
Brian and Mary Ferguson
Lynda and David Ferguson
Annastasia and George Fernandes
Stephen and Irene Ferranti
Michael and Michelle Ferraro
Joseph and Elizabeth Ferreri
Peter and Rochelle Ferriby
Alysia and Michael Ferro
Anthony and Anna Maria Ferrone
Mary and Andrew Fetherman
Maureen and William Feury
Tammy and Terence Field
Benjamin and Annette Fierro
Danielle and Al Finelli
Tracy and John Finnerty
Allan and Angela Finney
Lisa and Joseph Finnigan
Ann Marie and Paul Fiscella
Cynthia Fischer
John and Deirdre Fisher
Michelle Fitzell
Melissa and John Fitzgerald
Michael and Anne Flanagan
Denise and Brian Fleming
Laurie and Francis Flint
Daniel and Cassie Florenzo
Eufelia and Conrado Flores
Rodney and Cheryl Flores
Marybeth and John Florian
John and Glennice Flynn
Margaret Flynn
Mary and John Fodera
James and Nancy Foley
Rene and Edward Foley
Michael and Katrin Ford
Thomas and Suzanne Ford
Thomas and Allison Forget
Christine and Vincent Formato
Cheryl and Frank Formicola
Heidi and Jen Foster-Cho
Steven and Aliza Freedman
Wade and Meghan Freeman
Michael and Maria Friar
Tina Marie and Randall Friedrich
Michael and Cathy Fritz
Sandra and Mark Frizzell
Thomas and Cathleen Fulford
Wendy and Arthur Fuller
Thomas and Donna Fulop
Michael and Mary Gallagher
Phyllis and Michael Gallo
Susan and James Galullo
Vincent and Dawn Gamba
Kathy and Brian Games
Nancy and Dennis Gannon
Joe and Nadine Garritano
John and Rosa Garrity
John and Rose Ellen Gatto
Teresa and Eugene Gentile
Richard German
Thomas and Deborah Gerrity
Antoine and Nicoletta Gharios
John and Deborah Giambrone
William Giff and Catherine Vanslyck-Giff
John and Susan Gilbride
William and Sharon Gilleran
Stephan and Christy Gilliam
Christopher and Kathy Gittleman
Robert and Teresa Giuffra
Theodore and Ann Glowacky
Mark and Shelly Godfrey
Gerald and Patricia Goehring
Jeffrey and Kathryn Goldfarb
Armando and Nancy Goncalves
Russell and Catherine Goodale
Thomas and Eileen Goodman
John and Jeanne Gorham
Samantha Gosein
Matthew and Diana Gotthold
James and Mary Granito
Brian and Nancy Gray
Christopher and Nyliene Greco
Edward Greco
Debora and Allan Greene
Jennifer and Neal Grennan
Philip and Debra Grieci
Linda and Michael Griglun
David Frappier and Sandra Guerrera- Frappier
Michael and Kathleen Guerrisi
Frank and Irma Guinto
Bozena and Gary Guminiak
Andrew and Tracy Gurda
Karen and Ronald Gustafson
Tabitha Gustin
Christopher and Phyllis Haarmann
Patrick and Jennifer Hackett
Susan and William Hague
Tiffany and Eric Haller
David and Michelle Hamilton
Robert and Lisa Handfield
Kimberly and Helmut Hanelt
Diane and Walter Hanley
Marie and Kenneth Hanlon
Alan and Helen Harnsberger
Peter Harris
Carla and Kevin Harrison
Susan Harrison
Diane and Geoffrey Hart
Ilene Rosen Harwood
Amy and Matthew Hatlee
Betsy and Dan Hayden
Nelly and Joseph Hayes
Christopher Hazell
Caroline and Douglas Heim
Mark and Diane Hellriegel
John and Lisa Henderson
Merlin Hendrickson
Donna and Peter Hentnick
Colleen and David Herbert
David and Susan Herdman
Robert and Susan Hernandez
Patricia and John Herrmann
Paul and Ann Hesketh
Greg and Kim Hickey
Valencia and Terry Hiebert
Harold and Rosa Hill
Kathie and Lawrence Hoffman
Debra Hogan
Maria and Timothy Hogan
Thomas and Heidi Hogan
Julia and Peter Holland
Michele and David Holmes
Juliana and Peter Hood
John and Susan Hoover
Stephen and Susan Horne
Gregory and Margaret Howes
Marilyn and Dennis Hubert
Paul and Donnette Hudson
Arthur and Debra Hughes
Deborah and James Hutch
Gilda and Michael Iadevaia
Kathleen and Enzo Ianni
James and Debra Iantorno
Deborah and Philip Iglesias-Bregna
Therese and Fenumiai Ilalio
Edward and Gloria Inigo
Paul and Margaret Interlandi
Kristen and Tyler Isaacson
John and Dawn Isch
Stephen and Mary Isherwood
Mark and Ann Izzo
Suzanne and Gary Jablonski
Linda and Thomas Jackson
Corinne and Steven Jacovino
Edwin and Linda Jergensen
Barbara and Thomas Johanson
Cathy and Lance Johnson
Debra and William Johnson
Eric and Tracy Johnson
Lauran and Francis Johnson
Lori and Phillip Johnson
Lynne and Frank Johnson
Charles and Kathleen Johnston
Michele and Joseph Johnston
Deborah and Dean Jones
Lionel and Dana Jorge
Kelley and John Joseph
Ann and Brian Jozwiak
Anton and Anne Kaeslin
Gayla and William Kaiser
Marlene and Edward Kalaigian
Tomasz and Janina Kaldan
Nicholas Kampf
Kara Kapinos
Darcy Katris
Richard and Norine Katz
Linda and Keenan Cuccurullo
Elyse and Adrian Keenan
Scott and Kristina Keller
Brian and Patricia Kelly
Diana and Raymond Kelly
Lou Ann and James Kelly
Russell and Davina Kemp
Ronald Kemperle
Gary and Ariel Kenajian
Kevin and Anna Kennedy
Therese and Anthony Kepler
Arlene and Peter Kick
Karl and Sharlene Kieslich
Peter and Kimberly Kilcommons
Eileen and Donald King
Jason and Nancy King
Kathleen and David King
Therese and Edward Kinsella
Maureen and William Kittler
Marnie and Stephen Klebart
Christine and Barry Kleeman
Elizabeth Klein
Patricia and David Klein
Michelle and Michael Klemenz
Evemarie Kline
Steve Kokoni and Carol Augustis-Kokoni
John and Jane Koniszewski
Theodore and Susan Kontos
Debra and Michael Kraft
Michael and Debra Kraft
Patricia and Harold Kreitzman
Leon and Susan Kulesza
Toni Ann and Gregory Kunze
Gail and William Kuschman
Thomas and Joan Kuser
Kenneth and Kathleen Lackman
Peter and Mary Lahaise
Debbie Lamantia
Elaine Lamb
Ellen and John Lamorte
Eleanor and John Landers
Cindy Lane
Kara and Kevin Langan
Catherine and Thomas Langdon
Thomas and Catherine Langdon
William and Diane Lange
Donna and Joe Lanza
Kathy and Michael Lapi
Elizabeth and Paul Lapierre
Roger and Lynda LaPierre
Mary and Thomas Lapolla
Angelo and Virginia LaRosa
Stephen and Monica LaRose
Joseph and Kathleen LaSpina
Christine and Vincent Lattuga
Robert and Catherine Lechner
Greta and William Lee
John and Isabel Leiriao
Diana and Joseph Lemay
Michael and Alice Lembo
Carol and Paul Lewis
Marie and Anthony Liccardi
Cynthia and Douglas Licursi
Daniel and Linda Liljeberg
Suzanne and Steven Lima
Sandra and Francis Liquindoli
Ellen and Paul Litwinovich
Kathryn and Hugh Lloyd-Williams
Joao and Marlene Lobato
Kathleen and Chester Lochowski
Donna and John Loehner
John and Donna Loehner
Francesca and Rocco Lofaro
Frank and Misty Logosh
John and Dianne Lombardi
Joseph and Theresa Lombardi
Laurie and Rocco Lombardi
Susan and Nuno Lopes
Richard and Elizabeth Lopez
Victor Losure
Carolyn Losure
Vitor and Thongsy Louro
Beth and James Love
Nancy and David Lowe
Vicki and Michael Lowndes
Dana and Matthew Lucas
Adrienne Luongo
James and Doreen Macaulay
Dean and Elisa Macchio
John and Karen MacDonald
Patricia and Scott MacDonell
Michelle Maceira
Karen and Richard Mackessy
John and Eileen MacLean
Debra and Raymond Macolino
Roy and Marcel Magee
Elizbeth Magliari
John and Kim Magliocchetti
Robert and Debbie Maguire
Gary Mahoney
Maureen and Mario Mainella
Lynne and Glenn Maltese
Margot and Carl Manacchio
Paula and John Maniaci
Gina and Peter Manos
John and Cynthia Maranelli
Susan and Edward Marchelitis
Josephine and Rocco Marini
Rocco and Josephine Marini
Jacqueline and Chris Marino
Richard and Gina Marino
Dolores Marks
Donna and William Marlow
Carmen Morales and Enrique Marrero-Morales
Robert and Michelle Marsanico
Rosa and Anthony Martello
James and Caroline Martin
Maria Martinez
Mildred and Carlos Martinez
Barbara and Gregory Martino
Dolores and James Mascolo
Mario and Susanne Masi
Salvatore and Maureen Mastrocola
Mary and Christopher Mathon
Robert and Carolyn Maulucci
Liborio and Antonina Maurello
Raymond and Kathleen Maurer
Robin Maurio
Suzanne and Thomas Mavroudis
Catherine and David Mawdsley
Vera Maximin
Kevin and Lisa Mayne
Christine and Vincent McAneney
James and Karen McCabe
Laurence and Barbara McCarthy
Paul and Mary McCarthy
Sharon and McCartney
Sharon McCaughey
Bruce and Mary McClintock
Gerard and Patricia McConnell
Susan and Brian McCormick
Jeannine and Keith McCullough
Tracy and John McCullough
Kris McDonald
Christine and William McDonough
Susan and Thomas McDonough
Mary Kay and James McGann
Rondianne and Steven McGinn
Sheila and Kevin McGirl
Debora and Thomas McGovern
Joseph and Donna McGuckin
Karen and James McGuigan
Kevin and Janet McGuirk
Ellen and Thomas McGunnigle
Norman and Denise McIntosh
Carol and Gerald McLean
Victoria McMahon
Arthur and Linda McNally
Michele and Joseph McNally
Michael and Patricia McNamee
Kathryn and Lawrence McQuaid
Philip and Rosanna Menache
Susan and Robert Menaker
Keira Merrill
Kimberly Michaud
Pamela and Alexander Middleton
Venus and Steven Mignogni
Trigona and Carlo Mililli
Bridget and Glenn Miller
Charles and Diane Miller
Joyce and Walter Miller
Leonard and Dana Miller
Theresa Miller
Anthony and Josephine Milone
Alisa and John Minardi
Robin and Joseph Minnocci
Lori Miranda-Kuhn
Kathi and Thomas Mirto
Joseph and Susan Mola
Patricia Mollo
Donna and Robert Mondello
Joseph Moore
Robert and Marsha Moore
Marybelle and Mario Morales-Andreoli
Rosanne and Paul Morello
Susan and Matthew Morganelli
Eileen and Walter Morris
Nancy and Jeffrey Morris
Patricia and Robert Morris
Kenneth and Elizabeth Morrison
Robert and Joan Morrissey
John and Laurie Mourao
Kevin and Barbara Moyer
Daniel Jean Murphy
Janis and Joseph Murphy
Jean and Daniel Murphy
Kristin and Philip Murphy
Kathleen and David Murren
Nancy Musgrove
Robert and Frances Musto
Candice and Stanley Myers
Jeanne and Arthur Nadler
Anastasia and Peter Nakos
Laura Napolitano
Paul and Shannon Napolitano
Kathy and Mark Nardiello
Maureen and William Nardiello
Rajiv Narula
Robert and Jennifer Nealon
Randall and Cindy Newbold
David Newton and Ilene Cooke
Katrina Nichols
Anne and Charles Nickerson
Teresa and Mark Nighbor
William and Elaine Nimons
Elizabeth and Raymond Noel
Helen and Alan Noonan-Harnsberger
Anthony and Karen Nordland
Michelle and Marc Nordstrom
Noelle and Richard Novio
Antoinette and Richard Nutile
Gay and Robert Nylen
Scott and Debra Nyser
Patrick and Lynn O'Brien
Jerald and Jane Ochs
Andrew and Elisa Oddi
James and Shannah O'Donnell
Denis and Maureen O'Donoghue
Darlene O'Hare
Erik and Theresa Olson
Maureen and Garrett O'Neil
Maureen and James O'Neill
Robert and Lisa O'Neill
Robert and Lisa Onofri
Nancy Oquendo
Catherine and Francis Orsi
Giovanni and Assunta Orsini
Edward and Marian Owens
Steven and Timi Paccioretti
Michael and Nina Pagliaro
Colleen Palermo
Steven and Eileen Palermo
Carmela and George Palladino
Jospeh and Alisa Palmerone
Lisa Pandise
Jadwiga and Anthony Panuccio
Michele and Michael Papa
Michael Paquette
Paula and Thomas Paquette
Rosa and Jorge Paredes
Despina and Frank Parlamas
John and Raffaele Parmenter
Charles and Ellen Parnell
Scott and Diane Partridge
Antoinette and Omar Patino
David and Paulette Patrick
Eric and Mary Paul
Georgette and Kenneth Payne
Jill and Erik Pedersen
Mary Ellen Peloso
Michele and Joseph Peloso
Kelly and Victor Pelster
William and Linda Pencek
Eileen and Dennis Pepitone
Jeff Peras
Lynn Pereira
Frank and Barbara Perrotti
Diane and Roy Perruzzi
Nicole Perry
Stephen and Denise Perry
Richard and Deborah Pesci
Catherine and William Peters
Michael and Cheryl Peters
Cynthia Pettit
Lawrence and Cynthia Pezzullo
Nancy and Thomas Phelan
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Picard
Andrea and Andrew Piccirillo
Patricia and Russell Picerno
Eileen and Richard Picinich
Susan and Ralph Pignatelli
Peter Piliero
Richard and Debra Piper
Kathleen and Richard Pisano
Lisa and John Pitre
Michael and Robyn Pittman
Diane and Wayne Podesta
Ann and Theodore Pokalsky
Eileen and Steven Pollet
Michael and Cindi Posch
Lawrence and Tamara Post
Kimberly Preziosi
Joseph Prisco
Mary and Jorge Pulido
John and Lisa Pupa
John and Maureen Quigley
John and Jeanne Quigley
George and Iris Quijano
Michael and Dori Quilter
Patricia and David Quinn
Ana and Martin Quintanilla
Kathleen Quirk
Judith and Michael Raia
Traci and Ronald Rankel
William Rasmussen
Cynthia Ray
Vincent and Susan Re
Ronald and Jodie Reatherford
Jacqueline Reed
Christine and Jerry Reid
Thomas Reilly
Paul and Nancy Reiman
Tore and Lena Reinhold
Cindy Rentz
Hector and Denise Reyes
Millicent Reynolds
Janice and Michael Rezuke
Theresa and Richard Rhatigan
Kyle and Kristin Richard
Eileen and Michael Richer
Janet and Vincent Ricotta
Nicole Riggio
Larry and Robin Riggs
Teodoro and Natalie Rigor
Rosa and Lou Rinaldi
Susan and Angel Rios
Kevin and Barbara Ritter
Michelle and Richard Rivelli
Cecilio and Miriam Rivera
Costantina and Alfred Rivera
Nicolas and Luz Rivera
Terry and Allen Rivera
Christine Robinson
Debra and Thomas Robinson
Brenda and Juan Rodriguez
Margie Rodriguez
William and Laura Rodriguez
Paul and Janet Rodzevik
Leslie and Kenneth Roggen
Mary and David Romano
Colleen and Scott Rondeau
Christopher and Linda Rosen
James and Denise Ross
Kimberly Rosso-Morovich and Michael Morovich
Richard and Krystyna Roth
Tina and Robert Rothe
Michael and Maria Roy
Stephen and Susan Ruscak
Jeffrey and Wendysue Russell
Mamie and Matthew Russo
Philip and Kathleen Russo
Christopher and Grace Russomanno
Carloyn and Arthur Ryan
Marialice Ryan
Mark and Marzena Rydzewski
Dorian and Paul Sabato
Joseph and Alexandra Sabbers
Lisa and Thomas Sadler
Rodney Sadler
Kelly and Steven Salah
Kelly Ann and John Sallemi
Donna and Joel Salwocki
Anna and Mark Sampieri
Roscoe and Sheila Samuel
Anna Marie Samulis
David and Marilyn Sanclemente
Robert and Valere Sands
Donya and Thomas Sanford
Tina and Mario Santangelo
Anthony and Anne Santini
Maria Santos
Kenneth and Patricia Sarajian
Jean Marie and Peter Saro
Michael and Lisa Savallo
Michael and Cathy Savino
Susan and Michael Scaringe
Sally and Joseph Schettino
Mary Ellen and Ronnie Schild
Kathleen and John Schittig
Frank and Pamalla Schleimer
Robert and Camille Schreiber
William Schroeder
Geoffrey and Judith Schubert
Wilma Schultz
Christopher and Corine Schuster
Catherine and Steven Schwartz
Pamela and Stuart Schwartz
Carol and John Scorpa
Colleen and William Scura
Renee Seifert
Patricia and Jeffrey Semancik
Bernadette and Richard Semenick
Leonard and Jenine Serritella
Marie Sewell
Patricia and Paul Sgro
Jamal Shannon
Mary Kay and Peter Shannon
Laura and Jeff Shaw
Caren and Joseph Shea
Daniel and Patricia Sheehan
Michael and Susan Sheehan
Ray and Barbara Sheehan
Erik and Patricia Shenk
Jonathan and Patricia Shepland & Family
Michael and Tina Shine
Michael and Wendi Shook
Kevin and Elisabeth Shubley
Donalyn and Thomas Sialiano
Salvatore and Debra Siconolfi
Daniel and Dyan Sierra
Caren and Roger Silhavey
Diana and Kevin Silvar
Mary Beth and Anthony Silveri
Rosa and Jose Simoes
Anna and James Sisung
Karen and Robert Skelley
Craig and Linda Slaughter
Deanna and Kevin Sloat
Ann Marie and Smith
Brennan and Patricia Smith
Julie and Edward Smith
Lori and Stephen Smith
Susan Smith
Phyllis and Daniel Smolanick
Janice Snyder
Sherry and Gregory Sorrentino
Francine and Valentino Sorrento
James and Alice Sostarich
Michelle and Christopher Spagnoletti
Desiree and Dean Speranza
Michael and Rachael Sperduto
Ronald and Cindy Spiteri
Dorothy and Joseph Stanton
Michael and Karin Stanton
James and Lori Staurovsky
Robert and Suzanne Steffe
Robert and Kelley Stewart
Kristine and Nicholas Stilo
Louis and Gisella Stober
Nancy Stoeffler and Cynthia Warnken
Robert and Eileen Stokes
EveAnne Stouch
James and Debra Strachan
Linda Strakhov
Kurtis and Elsa Straub
Diane and Edward Sullivan
Kimberly and James Sullivan
Susan and James Sullivan
Donald and Mary Ann Surprenant
Julie Sylvia
Laura Szamatulski
Terence and Louise Szanto
Susan and Brian Szewczyk
Kevin and Maryann Tait
Carol and George Taite
Robert Tallman
Karen and Wayne Tampellini
Julie and John Tanguay
William and Dorothy Tanski
John Philip and Ana Maria Targia
Nancy and Michael Tarsi
Gale and Anthony Tartaglia
Nancy and Jay Tartaglia
Lyn and Rock Tate
Robin and John Taubl
Geraldine and Lee Taylor
Dina Terribile
Cletus Terrill
Marie and Sony Thelusca
Mary and Nelson Thomson
Kathleen and Kevin Thornton
Helen and Verin Tibus
Dianne and Geoff Tiernan
Mary and Rocco Timpano
Kathleen and Kenneth Tobey
Roseann and Robert Tobin
Emily and Frank Tobitsch
Jeanine and William Tolli
Dominick and Elizabeth Tomanelli
Jennifer and Donald Torey
Edward and Patricia Torriero
David and Mary Ellen Towne
Marguerite and Glen Tracy
Donna and Kevin Trainor
Michelle and Salvatore Tricario
Michael and Dana Trimble
Michelle and M. Todd Tripucka
Donna and Michael Trommelen
Nancy and Thomas Troy
Christina Trudeau
James and Susan Trunk
Kathleen and John Tufanio
Maureen and James Tuohy
Carol and James Tycz
Lori Tyll
The Late Michael Tyll
Bonnie and Kenneth Tyrrell
Mitchell and Graceann Unger
Joanne and Duane Utkewicz
Anthony and Christine Varano
Karen and Frederick Vegliante
Cindy-Ann and Mark Velez
Idelis Verona
Joanne and Marc Verrette
Frank and Tawnia Vezza
Arlene and Juan Vilar
Kerri and Richard Villane
John and Debra Vion
Ann and Anthony Vitale
Susan and Rocco Vitale
Catherine Volpe
Heather and Scott vonFischer
John and Amy Wagenblatt
Martin and Shelley Wajer
Moira Wallace
George and Jodi Wallis
Jodi and George Wallis
Mary Walsh and Gerard Walsh
Pamela and Ed Walsh
Peter and Linda Ward
Cynthia and Nancy Warnken
Mia Washington
Rosemary and John Watkins
Moses A.Webb and Trina Mayhen-Webb
Garth and Denise Weil
Karen and James Weissert
Joan and William Welch
Jody and Kendell Weldon
Gracemarie and Andrew Welter
Janine and David Wetherell
Michael M. Whalen
Phyllis Whalen
Thomas and Mary White
Brett Pellegrini and Karen White-Pellegrini
Rachel Whitmore
Kimberly and William Whitney
Robert and Jane Wiegand
Margaret and Mark Wilfong
Caroline and Randolph Williams
John and Susan Williams
Patricia and John Williams
Nancy and John Winsor
Thomas and Denise Wisnieski
Jill and Robert Witcomb
Patricia and Mitchell Wolman
Christine Woodbine
Kim and Peter Woodford
Ann Marie and Gerard Woods
Renita and Mark Wukovits
Jane and Gerard Wylie
Christine Wysocki
Maria and Evangelos Xenakis
Mark and Lisa Yates
Catherine Yocum
Lisa and Martin Young
Martha and Walter Zacharczyk
Mary Bethany Zaffina
Susan and Kevin Zaremba
Elizabeth and David Zawacki
Caterina and James Zdrowski
Paul and Pamela Zerbinopoulos
Valerie and William Ziemer
Cheryl and Robert Zimmerman
Christopher and Kim Zimmerman
David and Lisa Zimmerman
Rosanna and Ciro Zottola
Angela and Jeffrey Zupa