1963 Club

Gifts of $500 to $1,499

Thank you to our 1963 Club - $500 to $1,499

Kimberley and Joseph Ackerson
Veronique Allen-Hazell
Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program
Ernest and Calliope Anastos
Atlantic Asset Management LLC
Atlantic Associates LLC
Alex and Karina Ayzenberg
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Alexandra Bartonik
Scott and Cathy Baur
Bedoukian Research, Inc.
John and Donna Bent
Bershtein, Volpe & McKeon P.C.
Big Gun Inc.
Judith and David Bike
Black Rock Wine & Spirits
Blum Shapiro Foundation, Inc.
Louis and Kathleen Brandofino
J. Frank Brown
Michael and Pamela Brown
Stephen and Kathleen Brown
Charles and Patricia Bufalino
Elisabeth and Kevin Buley
Bulger, Lenardson & Associates, Inc.
William Bulger
Burns Construction Co., Inc.
Kenneth Burns
Jim Butterfield
Jeffrey and Noel Cain
Gina and Carmignani
Carnegie Communications
Anthony Carvette
Todd and Colleen Cassler
Catamount Marketing, LLC
Caveney Insurance Group Inc.
Edward J. Caveney
David and Cora Chemidlin
Chicago Black Hawks
Edward and Margaret Choiniere
Lorraine and Dean Christian
Christopher J. Morrissey Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Dawn Clancy
Sheila Clancy
Rev. Ellie Clitheroe-Bell
Connecticut Community Bank, N.A.
Petra and Frank Conte
John Convertito
Donald Cook
Martha and Scott Correa
Alexer Correia
Joseph and Pamela Correia
Mark and Michele Corrice
Joseph and Amy Corselli
Kevin and Kerriann Cottrell
Linda Couture
Covidien Matching Gift Program
Timothy and Jacqueline Crader
James and Diane Crosby
John and Cornelia Culici
Sharon and Kevin Cunningham
John Cyboski
Susan Cyboski
Gerianne Dallas
Richard and Donna D'Andrea
Paul Danforth
David and Judith Davis
Nancy Dennert
Mary Lou DeRosa
Marc and Denise Deschamps
Wayne Detzler
Michael and Christine Dill
Michael and Lorraine Dineen
Robert and Catherine Dion
Georgine Dominique
Mary Alice Donius
Samuel Dowd
Dowling Financial Services, Inc.
Sean Dowling
Eric and Carina Drake
The Drummond C. & Ruth A. Bell Foundation
Dunkin Donuts
Frank and Deborah Dunn
Rosario and Bienvenido Dy
Michael Dziewulski
E & M Enterprises
Educational Trust Fund of the CSCPA
Mary Ann Elberfeld
Jeanne and Ellis
Elm Electrical, Inc.
Masahide Enoki
Cara Erdheim
David Esposito
Fairfield Fencing Academy
Thomas Falcone
Teresa Fang
Kristine and Nadim Farhat
Brenda and John Farnsworth
John and Avgerini Fazio
Brian and Mary Ferguson
Annastasia and George Fernandes
Peter and Rochelle Ferriby
Steven and Corinne Feye
Tammy and Terence Field
Patrick Fitzsimons
Daniel and Cassie Florenzo
Flower Family Foundation
Steven Flowers
John and Glennice Flynn
Thomas and Allison Forget
Fortress Investment Group LLC
George Fuller
Paul and Julie Gagliardi
Galaxy Diner
Gateway Security Inc.
Richard German
Thomas and Eileen Goodman
Kevin Gordon
Maureen Gorman
Robert Gottfred
Grade A ShopRite
Debora and Allan Greene
Greenwich Engineering, LLC
Michael and Karen Guastelle
Andra and Arthur Gumbus
Christopher and Phyllis Haarmann
Thomas and Mary Hartnett
Everett Hartwell
Eleanor and Dana Haskin
Robert Hastings
Raymond Haynes
Christopher Hazell
John and Lisa Henderson
Henry Reid Jewelers
David and Susan Herdman
Christopher and Laura Hevey
HHH Cleaning Services, Inc.
Jeffrey and Raeanne Hohl
Abigail Hood
Horseneck Wine & Liquors
Dave Howard
Bradford Hurlbut
Hygrade Business Group
IBM Corporation
Scott and Martha Ingerman
ITO EN (North America) Inc.
J R Partners LLC
Richard Jachimski and Aretha Jones-Jachimski
Linda and Thomas Jackson
Scott Jensen
Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven Inc.
John & Kelley Joseph Family Foundation
John Hancock Life Insurance Co
Kelley and John Joseph
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
Katherine Kennedy
Thomas and Cynthia King
Patricia and Richard Klauser
Joan and Hank Klumpp
Mark and Cynthia Koch
John and Jane Koniszewski
Stuart and Ellen Kovar
Elizabeth and Paul Lapierre
Laurino & Laurino
Louis Laurino
Amanda Lee
Levin Financial Group
Nicholas and Kristin Liapunov
Warren Lichtenstein
Gina and Andrew Liebhauser
Alexander Lionetti
Marc Lisker
Joseph and Theresa Lombardi
Pamela London
Los Angels Kings
Nancy and David Lowe
John and Karen MacDonald
Albert Mack
Judith Mack
Gary Mahoney
Majoc Group, Inc.
The Late Edward W. Malin
Isabelle Malin
Judith Malin
William Marquis
Edward Martino
Mario and Susanne Masi
Brendan McAuley
Gerard and Patricia McConnell
Enda McGovern
Christopher McKeon
Peter McRae
Fred and Gail Mead
Susan and Robert Menaker
MFS Matching Gifts Program
Michael Sheehy Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Midstate Printing Group, LLC
Christopher Mokos
Joseph Moore
Ellen and Patricia Morgan
Rajiv Narula
Joseph and Sandra Natarelli
New York Rangers Hockey
Randall and Cindy Newbold
Laura Niesen de Abruna and David Long
Teresa and Mark Nighbor
Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation
Gregory Nota
Scott and Debra Nyser
Patrick and Lynn O'Brien
Terrance and Mary Ann O'Connor
James Olayos
Olympic Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc.
Barbara and Dan Omohundro
Robert and Lisa Onofri
Kevin and Melissa O'Sullivan
Suzanne Padilla
Joseph and Jocelyn Paoletta
Charles and Ellen Parnell
Rhea Paul
Nina and Marc Pearlin
Jill and Erik Pedersen
Garrett and Mandie Peel
Phillips/Lansdale Fund
Lisa and Nicholas Pia
Plaza Realty Management
Thierry Porte
Lawrence and Tamara Post
Powers Construction Company
Raymond Quartararo
Queally Family Foundation, Inc.
Marylou Queally Salvati
Lee and David Quincy
Curtis Quinn
Kevin Quinn
R.F.P. Associates LLC
Pamela and David Raila
Christopher and Lisa Reilly
Tore and Lena Reinhold
RFP Associates, LLC
JudyAnn and Frank Riccio
Paul and Margaret Richter
William and Laura Rodriguez
Deirdra Ross
RR Title Services LLC
Daniel Ryan
Frank and Pamalla Schleimer
Patricia and Paul Sgro
Erik and Patricia Shenk
Kevin and Elisabeth Shubley
Michael and Jill Silvestro
Jillian Singer
Southport Congregational Church
Michael and Rachael Sperduto
St. Huberts Foundation Trust
Stamford Downtown Special Services District
Stephens-Marquis Associates, Inc.
James Still
Kurtis and Elsa Straub
Nancy and Michael Tarsi
Nancy and Jay Tartaglia
Thomas M. Graham & Co., Inc.
Stephen Thompson
Lance Tibbetts
Denise and Joseph Tiberio
Traxle LLC
Mary and Robert Trefry
Bruce and Barbara Tully
Kyle Tyll
Universal Preservation Group, Inc.
Michael Ursini
Mark Varacchi
John and Heidi Vazzano
Verisk Analytics Matching Gift Program
Frank and Tawnia Vezza
Thomas Vrabel
White Home Products Inc.
Anne Whitman
Robert and Jane Wiegand
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Christopher York
Theodore Young