Contact Us

William A. Reidy
Vice President for University Advancement
Tel: 203-396-8086

Mary Ellen Peloso
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
Tel: 203-365-7628

Alumni Engagement

Todd Gibbs
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
Tel: 203-365-4526

Maria Bolis
Director for Alumni Engagement
Tel: 203-365-4801

Ryan Cotrupi
Media Content Producer
Tel: 203-396-8216

Advancement Research Office

Oscar Fornoles
Director of Prospect Research
Tel: 203-371-7725

Development Office

Nicholas Wormley
Executive Director for University Advancement
Tel: 203-365-4860

Kierran Broatch
Director of Development for Parents & Families
Tel: 203-396-8272

Lori Christian
Director of Advancement, Jack Welch College of Business
Tel: 203-365-4820

Special Events

Anne Whitman
Director of Special Events
Tel: 203-365-4861

Athletic Development

C. Donald Cook
Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Emeritus
Tel: 203-365-7649

Kylie Martin
Pioneer Club Coordinator of Athletic Advancement
Tel: 203-396-8108

Information Services

Gina Vitrella
Director of Information Services
Tel: 203-371-7964

Eva DeSimone
Gifts Record Specialist
Tel: 203-365-4896

Nichole Perna
Database Assistant
Tel: 203-371-7937