Parent Council

The Sacred Heart University Parent Council is a recognition society for current and past parents who make an annual leadership gift of $1,000 or more to The Fund for Excellence or to another fund supporting the mission of the University. As a courtesy of your membership in the Parent Council, you will:‌

  • Receive invitations to join University President John J. Petillo for special and private events
  • Receive invitations to special on and off campus events
  • Receive exclusive communication materials from Sacred Heart
  • Have the opportunity to receive VIP seating at commencement

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Members of the Parent Council have the opportunity to be a part of the Parent Council Executive Committee. This Executive Committee acts as an advisory group for the Parent Council and offers current and past SHU parents volunteer opportunities. The Parent Council Executive Committee also facilitates the opportunity for parents to enhance the quality of the Sacred Heart experience for current and future students, to strengthen the SHU network for students and alumni, and to strengthen the University’s financial standing. Activities of the Executive Committee include:


The Parent Council Executive Committee meets twice during the academic year.

‌OutreachParent Council Executive Committee

The Parent Council Executive Committee contacts incoming and first year families to provide them an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, or request guidance on their children’s experiences. Members are asked to contact 10 -15 families in the Fall Semester.

Additionally, the Parent Council Executive Committee hosts a 30 minute session during Parent Orientation to allow incoming parents to ask a wide variety of questions in a relaxed setting.


The Parent Council Executive Committee assists with the stewardship of our parent donors by placing thank you calls and making personal invitation calls for special donor events.


Sacred Heart University Parent Council ~ ~ (203) 396 - 8272