Meet our Students

Sarah DeWolf '15‌

Sarah is a rising senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, double majoring in Biology and Psychology. Sarah's goal is to focus on building a career in research and working in labs of major universities and private corporations helping to develop and refine clinical treatments of psychiatric disorders. Inspired by her mothers work as a nurse, Sarah hopes to focus on Alzheimer's and other memory disorders. "I knew I wanted a career that would give me the opportunity to help people with psychological disorders and an academic experience in which I would be able to use my education to help me understand how people work and how to connect with them; therefore using the biology and psychology together." Sarah continuously volunteers on Bridgeport, working with people who suffer from drug addiction and children struggling with behavioral disorders.

While being mentored by faculty members, Sarah had the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research within the labs here at Sacred Heart. She is a member of the Thomas More Honors Program, and although her studies are her main focus she has immersed herself in the SHU student culture as well. She is an active member of the Choir and Theatre Arts Programs and holds executive board positions within both organizations. When asked what SHU meant to Sarah, she answered, "Within our small community I have been able to enjoy both an academic and social experience. I was able to work one on one with my professors, developing a relationship that has helped me find ways to define and develop my talents and goals; an opportunity you would not find at many larger schools, and for that I am so grateful."


Tatiana Cruz '17

Tatiana is a rising sophomore in the College of Health Professions, majoring in Occupational Therapy. Tatiana's interest in occupational therapy began when working at a swimming school for children and adults in her home town of Wantagh, New York. After 6 months of working as a swim instructor Tatiana began working with an autistic child, a challenge that shaped the rest of her life and eventually brought her to Sacred Heart. When her student began his first lesson she described it as "chaos", but as the lessons progressed she developed signals and special eye contact methods, resulting in the student beginning to swim. This experience fostered her passion for helping those who need special attention. Tatiana's dream is to open her own private pediatric clinic.

Tatiana notes, "SHU gives me the wonderful opportunity to study my passion, grow into a mature young adult, experience once in a lifetime adventures and make life long memories." She compares the process of selecting Sacred Heart to the process of selecting a wedding dress, "you just know." The financial aid Tatiana receives for her academics and the Performing Arts Program enable her to live her dream.


Nicole Gittleman '15

Nicole is a rising senior in the John F. Welch College of Business, majoring in marketing. Nicole's interest in this field began in high school and she quickly fell in love with the mechanics of marketing and the benefits successful marketing can bring to an organization. She looks forward to go into the field of brand marketing, public relations and event planning for a non-profit organization or into a community relations position for a sports entertainment organization. The Welch College of Business has given Nicole numerous opportunities in and out of the classroom to enrich her skills and gain confidence in her capability to succeed as a women in business.

As a Welch Scholar, Nicole acts as a student representative at various university events. She encourages students to attend Welch Experience gatherings, such as lecture speakers and networking events. Nicole has just been elected Student Government President for the 2014-2015 academic year. Her involvement does not end there as she is an active member of the Chi Omega Sorority and the President of the Panhellenic Council.


Nicole Trommelen '15

Nicole is a rising senior in the Isabelle Farrington College of Education. Nicole chose the Farrington College of Education because her main goal in life is to make a difference in people's lives. Teaching will give Nicole the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of others, specifically children. Being a Thomas More Honors Scholarship recipient has enabled Nicole to have a one of a kind SHU experience thus far.

Like so many students, SHU is Nicole's home away from home, and the ever-evolving campus is an exciting thing to be a part of. The opportunities that have been made available to Nicole are more than she ever imagined, and because of this she tells us that she grows as a person each and every day.