Challenges and Events

‌Student-Athlete Challenge

This challenge gives a chance to all members who are student athletes to donate to their D1 teams. It’s a way for student-athletes to say thank you for what SHU has given to them. This year we had 665 students donate $10,274.64. That’s 86% of all student athletes!

Student Athlete Challenge Student Athlete Challenge

Student Philanthropy Week

Student Philanthropy WeekTypically takes place the last week of February. SPW is a week-long event that the Forever Pioneers, along with STAT, (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow) put on every year to demonstrate the importance of giving back to SHU and to thank those alumni, students, and faculty who have donated. Some of the things that we have done in the past have been:

  • Tag Day: this is where we go around and tag everything on campus with signs that say “supported by donations”
  • Donuts for Donors: we have a room on campus designated for faculty and staff donors, where they can come in and enjoy coffee and donuts as a way of saying thank you.
  • Thank you Cards: this is where students write out thank you cards to alumni donors expressing their appreciation for them. After the student completes the thank you post card, they receive a free t-shirt.
  • Giving back to SHU: this is the last day of the week where the Forever Pioneers and STAT sit at various locations on campus and solicit for donations from students. The whole week goes into educating students on the importance of giving and how alumni and faculty give to support them, so they should support SHU as well.

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