Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2013-2014

Tuition 2013-2014:

Full-Time Undergraduate
12 - 18 Credits (Fall & Spring)

Winter, Late Spring and Summer Semesters are charged additionally at the Part Time Undergraduate per credit rate($530.00) plus fees. 

$17,400 per semester*

*Incoming Freshman Resident's $1,500 Admission Deposit is applied as follows: $1,350 to their Student Tuition Account and $150 is held as a Housing Damage Deposit.
Athletic & Recreation Fee $125 per semester
Health Insurance (Academic Year)
(must waive out by Sept 07, 2013)
$1,290 per year

(19 or more credits)

$975 per credit

Study Abroad Fees:

Visit www.sacredheart.edu/studyabroadprograms for information and rates.

Program & Lab Fees:

Art $125 per course
Biology $99/150 per course
Chemistry $170 per course
Exercise Science Program Fee $575 per semester
Athletic Training Program Fee $575 per semester
Media Studies $26/99 per course
Nursing Lab Fee $150/185 per course
Nursing Program $570 per semester
Nursing Assessment $430
Nursing Verification $40 per academic year
Physics $170 per course

Private Music Lessons MU 131 (1 CR)

$265 per course

Private Music Lessons MU 132 (2 CR)

$530 per course

Psychology Research $105 per course
Student Teaching

$275 per semester

Welch College of Business Fee $750 per semester
Audit Fee $815 per class


Room & Board:

Christian Witness $4,891 per semester
Scholars Commons $4,891 per semester
Angelo Roncalli $4,891 per semester
Parkridge $4,891 per semester
Taft $4,891 per semester


$4,891 per semester

Seton Hall & Thomas Merton

$4,737 per semester


Meal Plans:

Executive Premium Plan
$2,200 per semester
Big Red Plan $2,020 per semester
Pioneer Plan

$1,520 per semester

Red & White Plan

$1,300 per semester

Park Avenue Park Plan

$605 per semester

Other Fees:

Graduation Application


Payment Plan $65 per semester

Returned Check


Rejected Credit Card


Full-Time Undergraduate Application $50

Important Note: If information regarding billing is needed, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Student Accounts Office at 203-371-7925, prior to the scheduled payment dates to avoid any late payment charges.

It is the sole responsibility of the Student to maintain a current mailing address with the Registrar Office. Please log onto webadvisor and update your personal information.

All Rates are subject to Board of Trustee approval. Charges listed above are subject to audit and do not constitute an official bill