Student Accounts Online Access

Sacred Heart University is pleased to introduce our online financial services website where you can:

  • View your student account activity in real time
  • Make a payment
  • Set-up a payment plan
  • Set-up/Change your payment method banking information or personal profile
  • Authorize someone (i.e. parent(s)) to speak or meet with Student Accounts representatives on your behalf, access your account activity, and make payments.

Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students will need the following information to enroll in a payment plan, make a payment or to view your current financial transaction details in real time:

  • Review the Student Accounts terms and conditions
  • To log into your account, you will need the following to log in:
    • Sacred Heart University network login (last name, first initial)
    • Password

  • To make a payment or enroll in a payment plan, you may refer to your student account billing statement and/or additional credits to calculate your payment plan or payment: 
    • Tuition and fees/Housing/Meal Plan costs
    • Financial Aid = Financial Aid Award Letter (do not use work study)
    • Outside Loan amounts

Authorized User Account Access

Student Accounts representatives may only speak with you, the student, regarding your student account details, unless you identify an authorized user(s).  

To set-up an authorized user, students log in to your account, then, follow these steps:

  • Click "Add new" in the “Authorized User" box on the left side of the screen

  • Enter requested data
    • Name of Authorized User (the name entered here will be the Authorized User's login ID)
    • Authorized User’s email address

  • Indicate authorizations by answering the questions presented

  • Click "OK"

There is no limit to the quantity of authorized users; repeat the process above to add additional authorized users.

Once you have added the authorized user:

  • The Authorized user will receive an email with their ID, temporary password and directions as to how to log in to the student's account
  • Authorized Users (i.e. parent) can speak/meet with Student Accounts representatives, view your student account and make payments or set up a payment plan in accordance with the permissions you set through this process.
  • Password reset process:  
    If the authorized user forgets their password and is not able to reset their password via "forgot password" prompts; only the student may reset the authorized user's password via their student login.

Still have questions?

Billing questions? 
Call Student Accounts at 203-371-7925

Financial Aid questions?
Call Student Financial Assistance at 203-371-7980

Access Student Accounts Online Financial Services