How to Make a One-Time Payment


1.  Login as Student or Authorized User

2.  Click “Make a Payment”

3.  Click on “Make a Payment”

4. You may pay “Current Account Activity”, or, by a specific term by over-riding the pre-populated box with your desired payment amount:  (“Current Account Activity” is most commonly used):

5.  Select Payment Method, if a uniquely-named payment method is not listed, select “Electronic Check (checking/savings)” from the drop-down menu:

6.  Click “Select." If a saved payment method is selected, confirmation of that information will be shown:


If the “New Electronic (checking/savings)” is selected, the screen to enter the payment method will appear.  Enter applicable data, then click “Continue” to get to confirmation screen above:

7.  When the payment method is confirmed, click “Submit payment”

8.  Receipts: Online & to email:

9. Account will promptly update to reflect received payment:



  • Monitor Bank Account used
    • Student’s account will immediately reflect payment, and confirmation of this will be emailed, however; this is not confirmation the payment has successfully cleared your bank account.  Successful debit to bank account may take up to 72 business hours
  • Contact Student Accounts at (203) 371-7925 during normal business hours for assistance  (email communication is not accepted)