How to Enroll in a Payment Plan


1.  Login as Student or Authorized User

2.  Select Payment Plans menu

3.  Click “Enroll Now”

4.  Select term:

5.  Information about the available payment plan will appear. Click “Continue”


6.  Enter Amount of Plan information:


Minimum due on bill (Charges) is the FULL amount of your Payment Plan – generally this will be the amount indicated on the printed billing statement.  It could differ if resources such as additional loans or scholarships are not reflected on the printed billing statement

Down Payment is the Missed Payments of the payment plan (20% or 40% of the full plan amount related to date of enrollment) if enrolling after the first scheduled payment date (as indicated at step 5).  The Down Payment is not payment(s) already made, nor payment(s) in transit.  The Down Payment will be taken from your payment method upon completion of enrollment in the payment plan.  The Down Payment is not required if enrolling prior to the first scheduled payment.


7.  Click “Display Payment Schedule”, the following message will appear, click “OK”

8.  Payment Schedule and Payment Due Today are displayed. Click “Continue”

9.  Select Payment Method.  Choose either a uniquely-named method from the drop down menu or the “Electronic Check (checking/savings)” to enter a new payment method. 

To review Saved Payment Methods: Go to the “My Account” menu, then “My Profiles,” then, “Saved Methods”

10.  The next screens will reflect the payment plan schedule and related Agreement:  You must Agree to confirm that you are enrolled in the payment plan:


  • Users are always able to review the Payment Plan schedule by clicking on the “Payment Plans” menu
  • Monitor Bank Account used
    • Student’s account will immediately reflect payment, and confirmation of this will be emailed, however; this is not confirmation the payment has successfully cleared your bank account.  Successful debit to bank account may take up to 72 business hours
  • Changes to the payment plan after submission
    • Dollar amount: Submit a Change of Status Form to the University Student Accounts Office.  Click here to obtain form: Change of Status Form
    • Bank account: 
      • Create a New, Uniquely-Named Payment method (My Account menu, My Profiles, Add New Payment Method)
      • Review Payment Plan (via Payment Plans menu). Click “Change” next to the Payment Method noted, follow prompts to select the New Uniquely-Named Payment Method
  • Contact Student Accounts at (203) 371-7925 during normal business hours for assistance  (email communication is not accepted)