How to Change Your Payment Plan

How to Change Your Payment Plan

To make a change to your payment plan, you must notify the Student Accounts Office in writing by completing the “Payment Plan Change of Status Form”:

1. Print form from website: Or, a form is mailed with each monthly statement:


2 . Complete top portion with Date, Student ID #, Student Name and Name of Person responsible for the plan (if the student did not enroll him/herself).

3. Select ONE “Change Request”

A. “TERMINATE” will cancel all future scheduled payments based on date Student Accounts receives request

i. EX: Fall Payment Plan - If form is received on August 2; September, October and November payments will be cancelled



i. Enter TOTAL of the plan.

A. EX: You would like to increase your (currently) $5,000 by $2,500, write on the “Total Amount of new plan” line: $7,500

ii. Do not enter the intended per month amount.  The payment plan will be re-calculated based on the amount written on the “Total Amount of new plan” line

4. Select Reason for Change:

A. “Overpayment”: you are terminating or reducing the total plan amount because a non-Financial Aid resource has assisted in paying the balance due.

B. “Change in Semester Billing”:  student has added or dropped courses/program; changing the balance that the payment plan was initially based upon

C. “Additional Financial Aid Funding”:  additional loans, grants or scholarships have been provided by the Financial Assistance office

D. “Other”:  if the reason is not already listed, please explain why you would like to make a change to your payment plan


5. Sign and provide contact phone should there be any questions with your form.


6. Return completed form to the Student Accounts Office:

A. Fax (203) 365-7536

B. Mail to:

Sacred Heart University
Attn: Student Accounts Office, SC100
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield,  CT 06825

C. In person: Main Academic Building, Room SC100


7. Allow 5 business days for processing

EX:  If you want your August 1st payment to be adjusted, be sure to submit your form by July 26th (or related business day)


8. Any questions: Call Student Accounts (203) 371-7925