Pay In Full Option: Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Online Pay In Full Option | Available using checking/savings

Check or Cash Payments

If no payment plan is elected, you will receive a bill for full payment. Billing statements are mailed monthly to students. Accounts can be paid via mail only by check. Cash payments can be made in person at the Fairfield Cashiers Office. Credit Cards are not accepted in person or online.

Pay In Full Payment Schedule: Full-time Undergraduate Students not enrolled in a payment plan must pay their account in full by:

  • Fall semester: Payment in full is due July 1
  • Spring semester: Payment in full is due December 1
  • Winter & Spring Intensives: Due upon registration
  • Late Spring & Summer 1 semester: Payment in full is due April 25 
  • Summer semester 2: Payment in full is due June 1
  • After due date: Payment is due at the time of registration. In the event a payment is received later than the due date, a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.
  • Students must be enrolled in a payment plan, paid in full and or covered by Financial Aid to attend a semester.  If accounts are not paid to date classes are subject to cancellation on a date determined by the University.
  • University requires that a Students’ account must be current for the Students’ ID card to be activated
  • Students’ accounts not paid will be restricted from adding or dropping classes.

CHANGE IN ONLINE PAYMENT METHODSOnline payments can only be made by ACH (checking and/or savings)